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Stop taking your unhappiness at work out on others

I want to career coach job seekers who go out of their way to mentor others. I prefer working with people who believe that they are not working for their own gain but for that...

Hire me or I’ll quit [Facebook LIVE Episode #25: Round One Interview w/HR]

  HR wants to keep great people. They know when employees are going for internal roles that they are likely on their way out of the company. This thinking explains why HR will choose internal...

Who else hates putting themselves out there? [Facebook LIVE episode #8 on Standing Out]

This piece of advice is the one that sends my clients kicking and screaming. Yet, it has the potential to "bubble wrap" you from staying unemployed long. If you want to stand out, then you...

You’re supposed to dream at night

Anyone else read between the lines of children’s books? If you are reading a bedtime book to your child, I encourage you to pick up the lessons that its author might have intended for you....

Internal candidates bringing you down? [Facebook LIVE Episode #24: Round One Interview w/HR]

  HR wants to provide internal employees first dibs on the roles that fit into their career goals. Nirvana for HR is seeing that people who already work on the inside can grow in their...

How not to “use people” to get a job [Facebook LIVE episode #7 on Standing Out]

  Do you know people who work for your ideal employer? Do you know how to get them to help you in your job search? You might not want to feel like you are asking...

Learning curves don’t matter if … [Facebook LIVE Episode #23: Round One Interview w/HR]

When it comes to beating an internal candidate for a job, you have the cards stacked up against you because the assumption is that you will learn about the nuances of the industry, company, and...