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Did you know this about HR? [Facebook LIVE Episode #27: Round One Interview w/HR]

A former client who lived and breathed human resource information technology cloud solutions, told me that HR is accountable to a measurable scorecard. This is true even in media and entertainment. It was true in...
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How to make your LinkedIn headline shine [Facebook LIVE episode #10 on Standing Out]

Too few LinkedIn headlines impress me. Most LinkedIn users let LinkedIn influence their brand. Did you know that recruiters don’t read through most profiles? Do you even read beyond headlines in life? Recruiters are like...
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Use your bedtime to revisit your dreams

  My original dream of becoming a world-class copywriter in an advertising agency never went away. Instead, it evolved from copywriting in my own advertising agency where I’d be selling products and services, to copywriting...
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Your original dream is not lost – you are just hiding from it

If you feel frustrated, disgruntled, overly emotional, sarcastic, or complacent, or even if you are downplaying what you really want out of your career, know that your original dream didn’t go anywhere, just like the...
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Your original dream is being lived by someone else

In Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, the bus conductor is living the bird’s biggest dream. It really doesn’t matter who is living out your dream. You are bothered by the fact that someone...
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Your original dream takes different shapes

The pigeon wants to drive a bus in the beginning of the book, though later he switches gears to pursuing a trailer. Both are vehicles that move. What moves you? It’s not easy to uncover...
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Your original dream never goes away

You may get distracted along the way and pick up professional degrees in the process, yet these might be considered distractions until you are ready to pick up your dreams once again. As a job...
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