About Me

My name is Melissa Llarena.
I'm an international Job Interview Coach, Published Author and Vlogger.

I have been career coaching for 20 years.

My experience includes working in Financial Services, Consumer Goods and Communications, in over 16 business units including Human Resources, in France, the United Kingdom and the United States.


I believe that you can play the cards in your favor during a job interview no matter how many cards you may feel are stacked up against you.

I’ve coached several professionals around the world on how to effectively and confidently sell themselves during a job interview and helped millions through articles in Forbes, Money Magazine, Huffington Post, Financial Times, CNBC and Fox Business.

I’m unlike other career coaches in that I bring the curiosity, courage, and passion around career possibilities it takes to help you reach your ultimate career goal faster and with zero mistakes along the way.

And, I know your goals are possible once you learn how to figure out what picky hiring managers really want. All you need to win in the interview room is guidance and an insider who knows how to make you feel like the interview stage is yours.


I can share with you the script before every interview performance and will always share with you my insider director notes.

What I Can Do

I want to get you back in the driver's seat

I can help you gain the clarity you need to sell yourself throughout any job search process

I can guide you and provide tailored advice regarding every single job search question you may have

I will share proven frameworks and insights to give you the structure you need to land your dream role

What You Can Do

My drive is personal – it comes from seeing the obstacles that stood in my family’s way and my dedication to ensuring that my three sons don’t end up in dull careers that they hate.

You don’t want to spend most of your life doing a job that you no longer enjoy, working for an employer that you no longer respect, nor feeling vulnerable that any day now you’ll be fired.

You want to feel proud of your work and success. You will do what it takes to find the right opportunity and get the job offer so that you can get back to full-out living.


I want you to know that coming to my website and choosing to learn what you may not know about the job search takes guts – for starters because a lot has changed in the market and it can be scary to uncover your blind spots.

It also takes guts because the job search is messy and filled with rejection – however I have full confidence that you will find what you’ve been looking for.

You will get the job offer you want so that you can become and feel like the successful professional who has it all – clarity, freedom, fun challenges to solve, and a career that you love.

I can show you how to get there with zero bumps on the roads and no missed opportunities.

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What is the best time to speak to a career coach?

Hint: it’s not when you feel ready because that won’t happen in time for you to take meaningful action. The best roles are snatched quickly.

You have a choice. If you are a seasoned professional then take the first step to land your dream job today.

Will you also wait, or will you take action today to get the position you want and deserve ?

When my clients ...

  • had a scheduled job interview for a role they really wanted
  • wanted to iron out their game plan
  • were let go – reorganized, right-sized, fired
  • had enough after realizing they hit the glass ceiling
  • lost their safety net – a sponsor left, a change in leaders, a mentor left
  • were overlooked for a promotion and wanted to take action
  • didn’t know who to ask for a reference
  • felt ignored by their network
  • felt old or experienced ageism, discrimination
  • felt disappointed – they didn’t get the callback or they got rejected
  • felt like imposters and needed to rebuild their confidence to take action
  • felt unsure about their self-worth
  • didn’t know how to piece together their story
  • wanted to return to work after a sabbatical or maternity leave