BOOST Your Dream Role


Do you feel like you’re underqualified for the job you want? Or maybe an imposter? Do you have your eyes set on a dream job, but wonder how to get yourself ready for that plum position you’ve been secretly dreaming about for awhile now?

It may seem like nothing more than a dream, but that is exactly why I created my toolkit “BOOST Your Dream Role”.


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With this toolkit you will:

  1. Have the exact steps you need to identify and acquire the skills you need for the job you are seeking.
  2. Be able to complete a competitive analysis to determine where the gaps are in your resume and how to fill those gaps strategically.

That means that you’ll be qualified to apply for those dream job listings that you’re seeing on company websites. You will also be more qualified and stand out from other candidates applying for the same positions, so that you get the interview quickly.

Of course, it’s not just about being able to confidently apply for that dream job, but it’s also knowing that you are the most qualified candidate out there because you have mastered the skills and experience needed to get hired for that perfect opportunity.

By following the exact steps listed in this toolkit, you will be able to reverse engineer yourself. You’ll be able to beef up your resume to attract employers like bees to honey so that you get that dream job, so that you get to name your salary, and so you can relax and head off on Safari to Tanzania before you start.


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