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How to Survive A Target Trip With Your Kids, A Conversation with Amy Trueblood, the Author of Unflustered Mom, Episode 196

September 19, 2023

Hi there, please let me know if this episode resonates with you. Send me a DM @melissallarena on Instagram and say YES: https://www.instagram.com/melissallarena/ Welcome to episode 196, have you ever felt anxious about taking your kids to a supermarket or Target? If the answer is yes then you have got to tune into this week’s…

The Backstory to Being Published In Fast Fall Women edited by Gina Barreca (My Book Preface), Episode 195

September 12, 2023

Let’s connect on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/melissallarena/ Send me a “hi” DM on Insta letting me know you caught this week’s episode. I’d love to know who is listening. In this episode, I’ll reveal the backstory of my participation in Fast Fall Women. But first, what was I thinking? I went from no one knowing about my…

Why Would Any Mom Procrastinate Launching a Forecasted $30K Business Offer? (LIVE Coaching Session With Carin), Episode 194

September 4, 2023

Let’s connect on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/melissallarena/ Send me a “hi” DM on Insta letting me know you caught this week’s episode. I’d love to know who is listening. Welcome to episode 194. Do you have a great business idea stuck in your head? What if getting it out of your head would put $30K in your…

Serin is Not Writing Her Memoir Due to a Fear of Judgment, Episode 193

August 28, 2023

DM me to talk about the fear of judgment. Is it real to you too? https://www.instagram.com/melissallarena/ Have you ever felt trapped within your own survival story? This week, we walk through this very journey with Serin, a mother and author who finds herself entangled in the chains of her past. As we traverse the winding…

Is Impostor Syndrome Standing In Sandrine’s Way From Asking For Referrals? (LIVE Coaching Session), Episode 192

August 22, 2023

 Welcome to episode 192, this is a live coaching session where I coach Sandrine a web designer who is struggling with imposter syndrome. She was spending a lot of time creating social media assets when we spoke yet her former clients all came from referrals – is she going to meet her income goal…

Caroline’s Path from Law to Art: Embracing Art Amid Societal Pressures, Episode 191

August 15, 2023

  This is a live coaching session with a creative mom who has entrepreneurial ambitions to write and sing music. She has two young kids at home and works part-time as an attorney. She recently turned forty and does not want to squander this season of her life. Take this opportunity to see what a…

One Decision Can Change Your Life + A Free 10-Minute Meditation For Better Decision-Making For Moms, Episode 190

August 8, 2023

One decision can change your life entirely. Melissa shares an anecdote from her book, Fertile Imagination, about her mom’s one turning point decision moment back in the 60s. Melissa leads a 10-minute meditation to help you build a greater awareness of your body sensations. Melissa talks about the decision to raise bilingual third generation Latinos.…

Breaking Stereotypes: The Impact of ‘Your Special Voice’ with Temi Adamolekun, Episode 189

August 1, 2023

In this conversation, we will discuss why representation matters especially for children, how you can expand the perspective of someone as a mom or in other ways by being the first person in any category to use your special voice and get a look at what asking for precisely what you want is a good…

Transitions Are Hard For Moms Too! Here’s A Free Meditation To Help (Mom Summer Camp Series), Episode 188

July 25, 2023

Welcome to episode 188 (Mom Summer Camp Series). Today, I’ll tell you a story that reflects how my summer plans are going, you’ll learn about this concept of transitions for yourself ) not only your kids, and then I’ll walk you through a 10-minute resource-building meditation. The 10-minute resource-building meditation is a sneak peek into…

From Chaos to Calm: Navigating Parenting and Entrepreneurship with The Queen of Calm, Jenna Hermans, Episode 187

July 18, 2023

Ever wonder how a mom of four can juggle being a successful entrepreneur, author and still maintain her calm? Jenna Hermans, author of “Chaos to Calm: Five Ways Busy Parents Can Break Free from Overwhelm,” spills her secrets and takes us through her journey of becoming an entrepreneur, managing her energy and time, and how…

Join the 21 Day imagination to Impact Challenge (Uncover Your Next Idea & Your School-Aged Child’s Interests), Episode 186

July 11, 2023

You left a conventional career to create your own entrepreneurial path. It’s part of your goal to be around and stay flexible enough to be present with your kids and to raise them yourself as the primary caregiver.   So you are at this crossroads at the beginning of your freelancing, coaching, and services business…

Lauren Lane Shares Summer Cooking Tips to Save Time, Reduce Food Waste, and Create Special Memories, Episode 185

July 4, 2023

Lauren reinvents herself at 50 and now pursues her dream of teaching others how to cook easily and entertain effortlessly. She inspires others to follow their passions no matter what their age. Lauren is a Culinary Influencer who has a passion for creating – expressed through her original content, recipes, photography, and storytelling. Her authenticity…

How To Teach Resilience And Negotiation Skills To Elementary School-Age Kids, Episode 184 (Mom Summer Camp Series)

June 26, 2023

What if YOU were the best teacher or coach to teach your kids THE life skills they’ll need to become resilient, emotionally intelligent, or even better at advocating for themselves? What if… I believe that our kids can handle more than we can even imagine. Way more. Did you hear about the kids lost in…

Unlocking the Power of Imagination: Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and Book Marketing Success with Becky Robinson, Episode 183

June 20, 2023

Let’s get into the marketing side of writing a book to fuel your business from how you get and sustain the energy to do what it takes to reach more people to how you can find the funding to pay for the marketing tactics you can use to build awareness around your book.  Also, there’s…

The Risks And Consequences Of Taking On A Supporting Role In Your Mom Life, Episode 182

June 13, 2023

This is episode 182. What if playing a supporting role in your own life is the single biggest mistake you can make as a mom? What if you will only be happy, fulfilled, and feel like the best mom possible if you took a chance on your own ambitions? What if taking a chance means…

Unrealistic Expectations and the Power of Word-of-Mom Marketing with Three Wishes CEO, Margaret Wishingrad, Episode 181

June 6, 2023

Are you curious about how other businesses are scaling and expanding while balancing family life? Look no further than Margaret Wishingrad, CEO and Co-Founder of Three Wishes, a cereal company that is taking the industry by storm. As a mother of two young children, Margaret knows firsthand the challenges of being a working mom, but…

Why Sometimes House Projects Win Over Work Projects? (Work-Life Integration Series), Episode 180

May 30, 2023

This is episode 180. How to avoid daily distractions to focus on your business growth (work-life integration). We are going to tackle a huge hindrance to business growth, especially as a solopreneur who wants to be a good mom too. This episode comes from a survey I recently conducted with moms in business. One insight…

Fix Summer Overwhelm For Moms In Business (Work-Life Integration Series), Episode 179

May 23, 2023

As a coach for 12 years now, I understand how a working mom feels when everyone else is counting down the days until summer. I have identical twins who are 9 and a 12 year old. All of them will be cared for in a mix of summer camps, by a babysitter, me, and my husband this summer. Sound…


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