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Uncovering the Power of Work-Life Integration for Working Moms: A Conversation with HeyMama Founder, Amri Kibbler , Episode 178

May 14, 2023

This is a special Mother’s Day episode because it includes the kind of gift that a lot of us working moms would LOVE. If you’re on a career pause right now, consider the fact that this might be the perfect opportunity to uncover what might be next for you. In this episode, we talk about…

Finding Balance in a Busy Life with Author Ingrid J. Adams, Episode 177

May 9, 2023

What does work-time balance even look like? Can you tell me right now who you know who is achieving such a blissed-out state? Who is actually juggling and keeping everything off the ground? I want to know and that’s why I wanted to bring this week’s podcast guest. Ingrid J Adams.  She has four kids.…

The Art of Delegation: Overcoming the Fear of Asking for Help, Episode 176

May 2, 2023

In episode 176, Melissa discusses the art of delegation and how it can be the key to achieving balance and success in business and life. She shares insights from a survey conducted with moms in business, highlighting the desire for balance and the difficulty many face in being resourceful for themselves and asking for help.…

From Burnout to Rug Hooking: A Creative Entrepreneur’s Journey of Self-Discovery with Meryl Cook, Episode 175

April 24, 2023

Are you on the verge of burnout and overwhelm? There are options for you as an entrepreneur who feels this way: you can quit, pivot, or pause. You are about to hear from a creative entrepreneur who left private practice in homeopathy after burning out, getting into a motorcycle accident, and being diagnosed with cancer…

Is It Imposter Syndrome, That’s Holding You Back? Find Out, Episode 174

April 18, 2023

This is episode 174. We are going to talk about imposter syndrome especially amongst moms in business. At this point in my coaching career, I want to ensure that I am bringing my superpower of an explosive imagination to my ideal clients and through the grace of God and the fortitude with which I’ve been…

How MOM Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Creators Can Get Support from Bard, Episode 173

April 11, 2023

You have likely heard about ChatGPT or Bard. Those conversational AI chatbots can answer users’ text questions in everyday language. Well, I decided to interview Bard today to get a feel for how as a mom founder or entrepreneur, you can use it to achieve wellness beyond your imagination. Get ready to step into the…

How to Stop Anxiety BEFORE it STOPS You, Episode 172

April 4, 2023

This is episode 172. How to navigate social anxiety when talking to influential people is the scariest thing for you Imagine these scenarios You want to launch a podcast and invite influential people as guests You want to strike up a conversation with speakers or panelists speaking at a conference You want to pivot into a new…


Is Your Idea Just Good, or is it Necessary? With Founder/CEO of Flex-N-Fly Youmie Jean Francois, Episode 171

March 28, 2023

In the spirit of achieving wellness beyond your imagination, I want to bring into focus the idea that you should be able to carry on this feeling of wellness with you when you hop onto a plane. You should be able to honor your mental, physical, and nutritional wellness needs en route to your travel…

What Was Discussed (vs. Not) at SXSW Relevant To Creator Moms?, Episode 170

March 21, 2023

This is episode 170. I’m your host Melissa Llarena. I’ve been attending SXSW out here in Austin,TX and also volunteering on the Comedy Crew team these last days and weeks. I decided to tune into topics that hovered around imagination + wellness + women and here’s what I realized about what was being discussed vs. not…

Stories of an Expat Mom – Jenna Davis: From Canada to Dusseldorf, Episode 169

March 14, 2023

Have you ever fantasized about relocating your family and yourself to Europe? What about Australia? Or are you the mom who is being whisked away abroad because your partner was just granted a VISA? This is for you, my fellow globetrotter!  Today, we have Jenna Davis, who relocated to Germany for a boy, got married,…

How to Restart Your Meditation Practice After Becoming A Mom, Episode 168

March 7, 2023

 How to restart your meditation practice now as a new mom or mom to school-age kids (be sure to sign-up for a LIVE and FREE mom-friendly meditation session too!) This is episode 168. I’m your host Melissa Llarena. Last week I participated in a 6-day silent retreat at home. My three sons are 9,9,…

#1 Wellness Habit That Has Been Game-Changing For Me Has Been THIS, Episode 167

February 28, 2023

This is episode 167 and I am your host Melissa Llarena. Today’s listener question comes from a coaching client a mom in academia and she asked what is the ONE new wellness habit you’ve incorporated into your mom life that has had the largest positive impact? The habit is to be okay with declining food…

Social Impact Entrepreneur Ashley Kegley-Whitehead Redefines Chores That Your Kids Will Learn and Love, Episode 166

February 21, 2023

Whether your kids are two or twelve, today’s guest, Ashley Kegley-Whitehead, a social impact entrepreneur and mom of two girls, has decided to redefine chores for kids. She has built tools you can use to entice your kids to do chores and turn them into responsible human beings. Ashley is on a mission to build…

Rerun of Celebrating Love with Jesus Diaz, Jr., Episode 165 [Valentine’s Day Edition], Episode 165

February 21, 2023

Thank you for listening to this episode from my archives. Stay tuned for my brand new 10-minute Q&A episodes, new creative guests, and even news on my upcoming book! Send me a DM on Instagram @melissallarena – I would love to hear your thoughts on this “best of episode.” Do you believe in marriage? Do…

How To Recover From Burnout 3 No BS Strategies For Moms, Episode 164

February 7, 2023

I’m burned out. Now, what? 3 lessons I learned on how to keep burnout at bay or to rescue myself because mental illnesses run through my family. Plus, what mom has time for burnout? As you listen to this episode, definitely be sure to grab my 10 burnout zappers for creative moms and pass them…

Changing Your Relationship with Money with Crazy Money Podcast Host Paul Ollinger, Episode 163

January 31, 2023

Does having enough money in your bank quench your thirst for fulfillment? In this episode, Paul Ollinger joins us for some money talk – making money, saving money, our relationship with money, and finding the thing that really fulfills us. Paul also dives into three questions to ask yourself to help you figure out how…

The REAL risk in not nurturing your child’s EARLY interests, Ep. 162

January 24, 2023

Also in this episode, 3-steps to nurturing even interests that might require screen time or trips to the ER! So many moms don’t attach a value to doing something that fascinates them in the same way that they see a value in uncovering what might fascinate their kids. 11 years of coaching and in this…

Kitchen Hacks for Ayurvedic Home Remedies From A Busy Mom and Restaurateur Anita Jaisinghani, Episode 161

January 17, 2023

 Love to cook? Today, Anita Jaisinghani shares some kitchen hacks for Ayurvedic home remedies. Especially, as moms, it’s important to be able to cook for your kids and family yourself.   Anita Jaisinghani, the chef & co-owner of Pondicheri was born and raised in India and is of Sindhi descent. She developed a love for…


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