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Dr Joel Fuhrman

Rerun of Dr. Joel Fuhrman Talks About Regaining Your Power Through Nutrition, Episode 144

September 20, 2022

Thank you for listening to this episode from my archives. Stay tuned for a refreshed podcast theme, new guests, and even artwork soon! Send me a DM on Instagram @melissallarena – I would love to hear your thoughts on this “best of episode.” Are you looking to lose weight? Let’s talk about this top New…

Sacred Rest Book

Rerun of Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith Talks About How to Recover Your Life, Renew Your Energy, and Restore Your Sanity Through Sacred Rest, Episode 142

September 13, 2022

Thank you for listening to this episode from my archives. Stay tuned for a refreshed podcast theme, new guests, and even artwork soon! Send me a DM on Instagram @melissallarena – I would love to hear your thoughts on this “best of episode.” Are you tired? It’s a silly question, right? This is the episode…

Rerun of Phaidra Knight, World Rugby Hall of Famer, founder of PeaK Unleashed, and Mixed Martial Artist Expresses the Importance of Equality and Feeling Limitless Regardless of Age and Circumstances, Episode 142

September 6, 2022

  Originally from a small rural town in Georgia, Phaidra Knight, for nearly 18 years, traveled the globe as a professional rugby player, establishing herself as one of the premier players in the sport. In this episode, she shared the many unique experiences she had both on and off the field. And she explained how…

The Power of Savoring Each Moment During This Back To School Season and into Your Daily Life with Alejandra Molina, Episode 141

August 30, 2022

A lot of moms have a lot on their plates right now and sometimes, it can feel like things are a little out of control. How do we navigate this wild adventure of life called motherhood and still be able to find some humor amidst the craziness of it all? And how do we juggle…

How to Write the Book Inside of You with Alex Kiester, Episode 140

August 21, 2022

Do you have a book inside of you that’s just waiting for you to put out? As for Alex Kiester, writing has been her childhood dream. And although life has a way to deviate her from it at times, she still finds herself coming back to her first love.  Here’s a little background about Alex.…

Want to Make a Big Life Change? Learn the Four Phases of the Jump Curve from Mike Lewis, Episode 139

August 15, 2022

Are you thinking about making a big change in your life? Maybe you want to shift careers, or perhaps relocate to a different part of the world. Whatever that change looks like for you, today’s guest, Mike Lewis, shares these four phases of what he calls, “the jump curve,” that people go through as they…

Fall Back in Love with Your Craft Again with Lorin Martin, Episode 138

August 8, 2022

Have you ever wanted to do something in your life but you just never had the courage to do it? Maybe you’ve pursued your passion to become a doctor or a pharmacist, or a lawyer because you wanted to do good in the world. But then you ended up working in an organization that’s got…

EPIC Local Spots Where You Can Unravel Life’s Challenges Featuring @HikeAustin’s Creator Matthew Guthrie, Episode 137

August 1, 2022

   When was the last time you went out for a hike in the mountains, walked on the ocean, or just experienced nature? Being outdoors can do wonders. So, get your hiking boots or your surfboard ready because you definitely would want to head out after hearing this episode.  Born and raised in Austin,…

How To Turn Life’s Silliness Into Your Brand Featuring Squidinki Co-Founder Max Mendez, Episode 136

July 25, 2022

Imagine being an illustrator with a studio in Sydney right next to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Australia, who gets to use their talent to give people a good laugh at the silliness of life?  This week’s guest is Max Mendez and his artistry is behind the Squidinki brand.  Squidinki is a unique brand…

Rebecca Knights Coco Chocolate

The SECRET to SUCCESS Behind Australia’s Chocolatier Rebecca Knights, Episode 135

July 18, 2022

Please note: this episode will be available on Tuesday for playing purposes. Stay tuned. Add An Interview With Melissa Llarena to your iTunes playlist for instant access there or return here on Tuesday and be delighted. What could be possible for moms who want to launch their own businesses and reawaken their imagination? A life…

Finding Joy, Clarity, and Confidence as a New Entrepreneur with Jessica Burgio, Episode 134

July 12, 2022

 This conversation is perfect for new or aspiring entrepreneurs. What if you are new to self-employment and you want to put together a beta offer? What’s the key to having massive clarity on what you want to sell? Who might you want to ask to be your first clients? What if you could uplevel…

The Rules of Raising An Entrepreneur by A Mom Who Did Margot Machol Bisnow, Episode 133

July 5, 2022

These days, the thought of entrepreneurship for our kids as a viable career option doesn’t sound completely foreign or nuts. It may sound risky or unstable and less conventional than becoming a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or accountant – but it’s an option that is increasingly getting popular, especially since the advent of the internet. Do…

The Secret To Healing Goes Back To Indigenous/Aboriginal Traditions As Told By Joe Williams, Episode 132

June 28, 2022

Joe Williams is a former NRL player, professional boxer, and turned mental health advocate, who’s bringing The Enemy Within workshops to various communities. The Enemy Within is built on its five pillars of values: love, care, respect, humility, and compassion.  Joe is known for his committed work within the community mental health and suicide prevention…

A Spiritual Journey: A Look into Your Masculine and Feminine Sides with Johnson Chong, Episode 131

June 21, 2022

Are you on a spiritual journey right now? Chances are, if you are in your 30s or 40s, you have been on a spiritual journey of some sort, and maybe you still are going through the motions of it.  As for me, my spiritual journey started here in Australia due to the “at-home time” I…

How To Reconnect With Your Artistic Self For Busy Moms With Belinda Lindhardt, Episode 130

June 14, 2022

How can pausing or neglecting your hobbies as a busy mom lead to feeling like you’ve lost an essential connection to yourself? In this episode, you’ll uncover what it takes to be an artist and a single mom, especially during those early childhood years. Hear whether it’s worth it to give up on your dreams,…

Founder of Collective Hub Lisa Messenger on How to Start Up to Scale Up, Episode 129

June 7, 2022

Lisa Messenger has lived a full range of entrepreneurial emotions – the ups and downs over the course of being in business for over 21 years.  In this episode, Lisa covered quite a bit, including the idea of finding your purpose, knowing why you’re going into business, how to fail fast, and how to assemble…

Tim Taylor Teaches The Father-Daughter Dance: How to Cultivate a Beautiful Relationship with Your Daughter, Episode 128

May 31, 2022

What does it take to earn back the trust of not just anyone, but your kids?  In this week’s episode, I invited Tim Taylor as he shares how he tried to earn the trust of his daughter back.  He also shares how fathers can create space for their daughters so that they can open up…

Michael A. Blunt Teaches How to Attain Peace and Success by Deprogramming Your Limiting Beliefs, Episode 127

May 24, 2022

What if you could create a gorgeous life on your own terms? What if you are exactly where you are supposed to be not behind or broken? What if you gave yourself the permission to envision your fantasy life free of obligations? What if you just want peace in your life in a world that…


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