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How To Not Let Your Identity Steal Your Dreams

On Mondays especially, do you ever feel like you are working hard on something that doesn't make you personally feel good? Like you know your work is important to someone but that someone is just...

You Need A Legacy Roadmap (How Else Will You Get To Your Desired Destination?)

I believe you and I are meant to leave a legacy. There has to be some kind of metaphorical archaeological discovery where evidence of us will be found. It’s not about birthing the next generation...

Why Your Voice Matters

I do not want to help extraordinary people achieve ordinary results. Too much is left in our mutual tanks. To me, "ordinary" is finding a job and then letting that be the culmination of your...

How To Ask Better Questions To Expand Your Career Options + Heal Career Trauma

What is your guiding question? We all have one even if you don't consider yourself as someone who asks very many questions. It's important to explore this idea. Rarely, are we encouraged to dramatically elevate...

The Rise of Career Psychosocial Stress (Not To Be Confused With “Trauma”)

The DSM-5 (the psychology bible of ailments and classifications) defines trauma as actual or threatened death, physical injury, or sexual violence. You won’t see a job loss or being demeaned at work (not even for...

How To Make Your Dreams Relevant Again

Other people’s lives and stories. When you think about the time we spend on analyzing other people’s lives it’s no wonder we feel helpless in our own lives. It’s incredible to think that while you...

24-Hour Interview Toolkit (Zoom Edition)

24-HOUR INTERVIEW TOOLKIT (ZOOM EDITION) Instantly Uplevel Your Interview Skills In 24 Hours To Go From Feeling Overwhelmed And Anxious To Clear And Focused On The Essential Questions That Matter To Get Callbacks You *know*...