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New LIVE Workshop: Must You Care About Your Workplace Results?

Imagine sucking at math and then taking a job as a pricing analyst. A quant role in a financial services company that managed offshore funds --- the kinds that are derivatives of derivatives that some...
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New LIVE Workshop: How To Redefine Success For Yourself

You’re going the wrong way!   You could be huffing and puffing and practically at the endpoint of a marathon. You may have even just caught a glimpse of a finish line. Yet, THAT could...
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Overview Effect: Your Career vs. Earth

Ever hear of the overview effect? It’s the effect that many astronauts experience having seen the Earth from a distance. Some space travelers spend a bulk of their time looking at the Earth because it’s...
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How To Not Let Your Identity Steal Your Dreams

On Mondays especially, do you ever feel like you are working hard on something that doesn't make you personally feel good? Like you know your work is important to someone but that someone is just...
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You Need A Legacy Roadmap (How Else Will You Get To Your Desired Destination?)

I believe you and I are meant to leave a legacy. There has to be some kind of metaphorical archaeological discovery where evidence of us will be found. It’s not about birthing the next generation...
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Why Your Voice Matters

I do not want to help extraordinary people achieve ordinary results. Too much is left in our mutual tanks. To me, "ordinary" is finding a job and then letting that be the culmination of your...
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How To Ask Better Questions To Expand Your Career Options + Heal Career Trauma

What is your guiding question? We all have one even if you don't consider yourself as someone who asks very many questions. It's important to explore this idea. Rarely, are we encouraged to dramatically elevate...
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