New LIVE Workshop: Must You Care About Your Workplace Results?

Imagine sucking at math and then taking a job as a pricing analyst. A quant role in a financial services company that managed offshore funds — the kinds that are derivatives of derivatives that some mathematician conjured up to ensure we made money whether things went up or down or remained in place. Yep, that was me. It was one of those “let me just get a job situations.” A situation where I had been let go from Reuters and my brain was in total flight or fight mode. It was the post-9/11 era.

That job was such a bad fit that one day my boss flat out asked me (after a series of math errors): do you even care about learning how to fix your Net Asset Value errors? To which in my brain I was like: absolutely NOT! It was that moment when I thought he was also projecting. It was pretty obvious that he a huge Nirvana fan could not have possibly given a crap either. Yet, for some reason, he was willing to play the role although between you and me he doing a bad job of pretending. Have you ever been in a similar situation?

You are in a job where you see people caring a lot about a situation that you don’t really care about? I felt the same way back when I worked for another financial services company this time in its investment management group. That experience felt like a glorified factory complete with an assembly line process and had the same poor working conditions. In both settings, I knew that I was in the wrong place and clearly in the wrong rat race.
Success metrics in both included being serious about wins and losses that didn’t feel personally meaningful. Success metrics in both involved playing a role that felt stuffy. Success metrics in both were squarely about money of which I was being paid well for my experiences yet I didn’t value enough to make me want to play the rules that came with success in both places. I was reliving elementary school gym class, back then I didn’t get it. Why did some of my classmates play so hard? I didn’t see how a gym class win would mean much outside of the schoolyard.
What about you? How much do you care about that spreadsheet or deck you got undone? If you don’t care enough about the success drivers in your workplace, career, or share the same ones as your friends then you’ll always feel left behind. You won’t ever truly give a crap about fixing your Net Asset Value errors. Instead, time will be royally wasted pumping yourself up on Sunday nights and every single workday just to drag yourself out of bed. This is why I will be delivering a LIVE (Zoom) Workshop to give you the space necessary to Redefine Your Success Metrics At Any Age.
You are invited to take off your corporate mask and be yourself — how refreshing is that? This is what it takes for you to uncover what exactly does drive you. What you would actually care about getting right. What you would truly care about figuring out to put more of in the world.
This complimentary workshop is perfect if you are at a crossroads. You’ve realized that it’s a waste of time tormenting yourself every time you fall short of corporate success markers and you want to figure out what success actually means to you — personally and professionally.
Playing hard just to get a bonus may work for many but if it doesn’t work for you then this workshop is for you.
Faking hard just to feel respected by your peers may work for many but if it doesn’t work for you then join me.
This is for you if you:
  • Are at a crossroads and want to take the right path in your life based on your authentic desires
  • Know that you are on the wrong path based on feeling like there has to be more to life than what’s on your desk
  • Need to reframe your definition of success because beating yourself up for not exceeding corporate expectations is tiring
  • Realize that what everyone else wants (maybe you wanted those things once) is no longer what you want today
My commitment to you as a guide who will lead this conversation during a 1.5-hour virtual session is this:
  • You will feel heard and respected even if your truest ambitions have been brushed aside
  • You will have an action plan to help you determine which is the right race for you
  • You will be better able to distinguish between what you want for yourself vs. what others want for you and take a stand for yourself
  • Finally, as your guide, I get you because I have battled self-doubt, quit law school, left corporate, and am a misfit (in my own ways)
This is not for you if:
  • You are so deep in corporate thinking that cynicism is your baseline
  • You have bought into a corporate lifestyle that you are glued to even if your joy and health are compromised
  • You are my boss who loved Nirvana only because that’d be awkward
Here are the details:
Workshop: How To Redefine Success At Any Age
Date: April 13, 2021
Time: 8 pm EST
Zoom link to be shared upon RSVP
RSVP by April 9th, 2021 Email Melissa[@]
It’s better to know now that the race you are running is going to lead to a dead-end than to wait until it’s too late to take action. Interested in joining me?

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