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Three Pillars to Successful LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations are useless…if not supported by a strategy. After tailoring LinkedIn profiles for professionals who have successfully attracted attention, I found that having a single objective when crafting your online presence and applying its essence within each section works best. LinkedIn recommendations are NO exception to this idea!

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Stop Depreciating in Value

Job hunters are like houses waiting to be sold; the longer they are on the market, the harder it is to sell them. In the case of houses, real estate agents change their strategy or update a property’s details (e.g. price, curb appeal, etc.) to generate leads. Similarly, you should make changes to garner a…

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1,000 Hours of Sweat Equity

Who benefits from your sweat equity? You probably have already clocked 1,000 hours during the first 6 months of 2012.  If at this point you know that your talents are not benefiting the audience who needs them the most then it’s time for a mid-year career evaluation.

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