Michael A. Blunt Teaches How to Attain Peace and Success by Deprogramming Your Limiting Beliefs, Episode 127

What if you could create a gorgeous life on your own terms?

What if you are exactly where you are supposed to be not behind or broken?

What if you gave yourself the permission to envision your fantasy life free of obligations?

What if you just want peace in your life in a world that knows how to poke your wounds and feel total and utter chaos?

Whether you’re a parent with many obligations or you’re single and you feel a little bit burnt out, you have a choice to live a gorgeous life. It’s possible!

In today’s episode, I want to introduce you to Michael A. Blunt is a master teacher, student, and global energy influencer. He unifies modern psychology, neuroscience, and spiritual energetics into a single path. He teaches creators and business professionals a global model for transformation that is so simple that it can be applied immediately to upgrade the quality of their life. 

Michael’s purpose is to teach ancient wisdom in a modern way, and show creators that they can have it all. His purpose also includes empowering business professionals to find balance and transcend their current limitations. Micheal wants to give people a plan to improve their lives – being happy with where they are right now, but never satisfied with just staying there.

During our conversation, Michael explained that he had no concept of belief systems and paradigms. So his behaviors were more aligned with things that were passed down to him rather than things he was creating for himself.

If you’re in a place where something just doesn’t feel right pertaining to the way that you’re living your everyday life, then this episode is for you! A lot of us feel this way, yet we don’t feel like we could talk about it. The truth is that there are many of us feeling this way and it could be eating up even your boss, your neighbor, or your friends. 

As moms, most especially, we think we’ve lost that touch of creativity and imagination. That’s why I’ve also written a book to empower moms to use their imagination because it’s a superpower – and it all starts with changing the mindset. Sign up here to get waitlisted for my book: https://www.melissallarena.com/waitlist/

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Michael A. Blunt’s Biography

Michael A. Blunt is an entrepreneur with Reiki healing experience. He holds a BS degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Business Administration. Michael has been engaging in the personal transformation industry for years, bringing unique blends of business mastery, scientific reasoning, and natural energetic abilities that translate directly to the needs of successful creators and professionals who are seeking a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Michael was inspired ​​to go on this journey after quitting his corporate job in 2016 because of his own poor health due to chronic stress, anxiety attacks, and depression. Searching for an answer, he was eventually introduced to Energy Transhumanists such as Dr. Joe Dispenza and Bob Proctor, who taught him the idea that humans can transcend their current natural state and limitations through the mastery of their own built-in subconscious technology.

Michael’s work has been influenced by the teachings of these energy masters, and many more such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, who helped form Michael’s vision of creating one of the leading models in energy transhumanism – the perfect formula to elevate the world’s most powerful creators and professionals.


Perfectionism: You can uncover the beliefs behind the behaviors you no longer wish to exhibit. Perfectionism is a coping mechanism to cover over shame. The underlying belief of shame is being not enough. 

Stillness: Drop your obligations mentally for a moment of stillness. We spend a lot of time trying to chase success trying to chase a dream or trying to be something different than what we are and we wind up hating ourselves for it.

Peace: Choose peace, even in the midst of chaos. Even if it’s just a simple tapping of your fingers, bring yourself to the present moment, even if you’re in the middle of a crisis situation. 

Readiness: People are only ready to hear what they’re ready to hear when they’re ready to hear and it goes in lockstep with their own awakening process. 

Curiosity: People don’t give themselves the opportunity to imagine anymore. They just take what was given to them or what they inherited. They work with the known because they’re so scared of the unknown that they limit themselves. 

Honesty: By having honest conversations, more people will find peace. It’s a mindset that we can set into that allows you to just be and step into your authenticity.

Behavior: Your mindset and your belief systems drive your behaviors. They can also limit you or they can set you free. They drive your behaviors and your behaviors create your future for you. 

Mindset: Allow your mindset and your belief systems to be unlocked and unlimited. Then watch your behaviors become different, which will create a new life and a new future for yourself.

Deprogramming: Deprogramming is the process of becoming aware, identifying, and rewiring your old belief systems. The first step of changing your behaviors is starting with the mindset and your belief system.

Success: Success doesn’t happen by luck or chance. It happens by design, you have to choose that and step into that. 

Clarity: The more you can deprogram from your belief systems, the more you step into exactly who you are and who you desire to be, rather than who you expect yourself to be or what other people expect you to be.

Vulnerability: The antidote to shame is vulnerability. Then the next step is authenticity, which sets you on the track to fulfilling your purpose and being the best version of yourself.

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