Coaching a Homeschooling Mom Who Wants to Scale Her Small Business And Be Present With Her Kids, Episode 126

We want our kids to have a lot less screen time. Yet we keep hearing that the only way to have a scalable business that sells while you’re sleeping is online. How do we figure out things to make sure we stay in alignment with our values? How can we continue to be excited about an idea that we bring into the world, and at the same time, be present and enjoy our children? 


This is a recent coaching conversation I had with Rianna Alvarado, a mom who wants to limit her kid’s screen time and someone seeking alternative ways to scale her business so that she could align herself to her values and achieve educational goals with her homeschooled kids. 


Juggling her roles being a mom of five and an entrepreneur, Rianna has this huge dream of creating something that’s scalable, and ultimately, she wants to get all the money she needs to buy her own house. 


We covered quite the gamut including key questions such as how Rianna Alvarado feels about her big and juicy business vision, what it would take for her to feel in sync with her mothering philosophy, her intrinsic motivation, how to leverage her existing workshop tools, as well as how to communicate her outcome to prospective clients and help them engage on a whole other level.


Now, let’s work on your business. I have opened up four spots in the VIP Coaching Days for moms who are launching or growing their businesses and who want to get unstuck from thinking that scaling their business has to come at the expense of their children or values. What if you could scale your business on your terms, exploring a myriad of profitable options that can help you live out your professional dreams and help your kids learn too? 

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I’m also sharing nine tips to help you spend more time with your kids. These are things that have worked for me over the last decade, having raised my three kids in keeping my energy up, and at the same time, helping me become productive. If you’re a woman in business, and if motherhood and entrepreneurship are important to you, grab that list by reaching out to me on Instagram @melissallarena.

If you are not someone that has an entrepreneurial idea, but you know a mom who is starting to think that she’s gonna want to do her own thing, share this episode with her! 

Rianna Alvarado’s Biography

Rianna is a writer, artist, lover, maker, thinker, gardener, and passionate life-liver. She has a lot of passions and she does her best to live honoring those desires while serving her family and friends in love, time, and honesty. She has been homeschooling her children for eight years and loves living life from the home. 

She lives by the heart. So before they decide to assimilate new ways into their lives, it has to jive with their spirits. In her words, formulas just don’t work for her family. Rianna fell in love with the Waldorf Philosophy when discovering Biodynamic Farming practices founded by Steiner and she incorporates the Charlotte Mason methodology into her life as well. Through this practice, she and her family have learned to listen, follow, and trust their inner voice. 


Alignment: If you want to limit the time that your kids are on a screen, how is it that you can then build a business that is purely on-screen? It’s something for you to consider. 

Intentionality: You don’t have to build a business that is purely online if that is not going to give you the joy that you desire out of your business. It all depends on what the intention is behind your business. If the intention is purely to make money then is that enough to drive you to the computer? 

Desires: The idea of being left behind is something common with moms who decided to leave their corporate jobs or take breaks. We all have these internal desires.

Income: If you want to contribute to your family’s income, it is going to be important for you to be mindful of exactly how much money you need to amass. Then you have to price accordingly.

Balance: There’s this assumption that pouring into your business is going to take away your time as a mom. But you have to reach that point where it’s a mutual thing and feeling that the more you’re able to receive, the more you’re able to give.

Here are some questions we covered that might inspire you to rethink what’s really possible in your business and life:

  • How do you feel about making your business vision a reality right now?
  • How would you rather feel about this?
  • What would intrinsically motivate you so shame/procrastination is off the table?
  • How to scale your idea if you limit kid screen time?
  • How do you start your dream business and continue to prioritize your kids?
  • How do you price your offer to buy a house?
  • How do you support your kid’s education/curriculum as part of your business?
  • How do you communicate the outcome/transformation to clients in marketing?
  • How do you add services after this workshop to make more money?

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