What If Losing Weight And Feeling Great Was As Easy As Making One Decision? VeVette Turner Turned Her Life Around at 46, Episode 125

Happy Mother’s Day, or as I like to call it, Happy Warriors Day! If you are an entrepreneur, or even if you’re in a corporation, your health is more valuable and more important and should be a higher top priority than your wealth on any given day.

One day, VeVette Turner, and her now husband, were at a beautiful resort but they ended up just watching other people do fun things they couldn’t do because they were both overweight. This week’s podcast episode is specifically for moms because the gift of health is the best Mother’s Day gift I could ever give you. 

If you take back control of your health today, irrespective of how lethargic you might feel, regardless of the size of the dress or pants you’re wearing right now. None of that matters. All it takes is a decision. 

VeVette takes us through those early days when she and her husband decided to change their lifestyle and how she made a decision to live a plant-based lifestyle. She managed to use her imagination and plugged a blender into her car so she can make her smoothies on the go, being a busy sales professional who’s always in her car driving from point A to point B. Today, VeVette tells us what keeps her going today as a 55-year-old. 

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The insights and the lifestyle changes that VeVette Turner shares are applicable to anyone serious about their health. Enjoy the conversation and share it with a friend especially a mom! 

VeVette Turner’s Biography

VeVette Turner was a 46-year-old divorce overweight mom of two who found herself depressed and dealing with multiple health issues, like chronic hives, migraines, and irritability. She then decided she couldn’t live the same way anymore and had to take the first steps needed to switch to a plant-based diet. Every podcast she listened to helped her with each new step toward becoming a new healthy person. She began to set goals, prioritize sleep, and grow her own sprouts. Now at the age of 55, she has done three half marathons, training for a full marathon, and has completed numerous cycling events. Ladies, isn’t that what we all want? To be and feel our best selves!


Decision: Living a healthy lifestyle can be done. You can start over again. You can rewrite the chapters of your life. The first step is making that decision. 

Fitness goal: Setting different fitness goals gives you the drive to keep working toward it. 

Soreness: Having muscle pain from going to the gym isn’t a valid reason to quit exercising. 

Recovery: To help your muscles recover faster, consider doing Epsom salt baths and foam rolling. Most importantly, you have to be able to listen to your body because there’s a difference between muscle soreness and an injury.

Accountability: It’s easier to stay on track with your diet when you have someone in your life who can serve as your accountability partner.  

Nutrition: Love your body and feed it good nutrients so it can flourish and do what it’s supposed to do. 

Creativity: Find healthy recipes that you like and figure out ways to introduce more plant-based foods into your kids’ lives.

Meal prep: Think about having your pantry items delivered through various services. Then you can start doing your meal preparation. Make things easier by prepping your ingredients ahead of time (ex. chopping the onions, making a stock.

Lifestyle: Once you get into this routine and you realize how good you feel, it just becomes part of your life when you make that decision to create a lifestyle where you prioritize health, nutrition, sleep, and moving your body. 

Support: Sometimes, you may lose friends for choosing a healthy lifestyle since you may no longer go out with them as you used to before. And that’s okay. Be open to friend groups that align with your values.

Result: When VeVette finally cut out dairy, that was when she really started to feel a difference. All her body discomforts and issues disappeared and she developed mental clarity.

Slowly: Just slowly move into a plant-based lifestyle otherwise, it could shock your body and your lifestyle. Take it a little bit at a time and feel good every step of the way. Just know that you’re going to get to a point where you’re seeing a difference in your scale and in how you feel.

Education: What’s wrong with our whole system of this standard American diet is education. Educating yourself on all of these things. And as you slowly move towards it, and you start to feel better, it just comes.

Perspective: Look at what you’re going to look like in five years and where you want to be. Think about the future YOU!

Happiness: You can be overweight and be happy. But it’s proven to cause health issues so it’s not the healthiest to carry around all that weight. Start now and reward yourself when you get through these little milestones.

Change: Start incorporating more movement or healthier meals on a day-to-day and realistic basis. 

Choices: What do you have to live for? Reimagine what’s possible if you make healthier life choices.

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