Grab your free chapter: How I Escaped Motherhood In Suburbia And Why I Learned How To Play Again From A Muppet
Imagine those moments in your life when you felt most free? What images pop up? In this free chapter, you will step back in time to one of mine pre-three sons. Who knows, if by seeing how I broke-free from motherhood expectations, you'll rediscover one of your own?
Where can I email you this free chapter so that you can retrace the steps to your former spirited, energized, and freer self? 100% no spam. We're moms. We don't have time for spamming (let alone peeing).
Why Don't You Play More, Truly Go For It, or Prioritize Your Dreams Anymore?

You were the party starter. You would throw your name in any hat. You would hustle your way into opportunities. All of these were you before you become a mom. So where did this girl go? How can we find her? What if we could integrate the old you with the new you to become an awesome you?

11-years ago, I became a mom and I launched my business, I could have used this book back then to spark more inspiring ideas of how I could use my finite energy to stretch myself into exploring new interests and seeing what I was really made of.  This book could have helped me understand whether I was selling myself short or living up to my potential. Yet, I had to wing it. I suspect you rather not take chances over the next decade of your life stumping your big toe in many dark rooms rummaging around looking for where your pre-mom bubbly self went. In this book, I'll keep on the lights and help you avoid painful bumps during your journey back to your wide-eyed and curious self.

Think of it this way: if you tend to lose your keys a lot like me then all you have to go is to retrace your steps and surely they will be right where you left them. In our case, while you are reading this book, you will be looking for your sense of wonder, access to wisdom, limitless energy, willingness to dream, and a playful spirit culminating in bursts of daily fulfillment. This book is for moms who want them back!

Read these early reviews from moms just like you (sign-up for the free chapter, stay for the weekly "momspiration"):

If you do not want your identity to be consumed by motherhood, then jump on this train!
The words: imagination, play and fun are not the usual things we as mothers think of when wondering how to get a grip back on our career and I believe it provides a really fresh take and lots of food for thought for mothers reading it. I think that the tone is so energetic and fresh that it is why I would pick it up. 
If you are not yet feeling fulfilled especially through a creative outlet then you will enjoy this book!
This book is about getting in touch with your creative, playful, imaginative side. The part of yourself that perhaps felt freer before you became a parent, before you chose your identity and had a lot of responsibilities weighing you down. In helping you get in touch with your more playful, creative self, it not only helps you on a path toward greater happiness and fulfillment, but it also helps you to feel more fulfilled as a parent. 
If you are creative or entrepreneurial then sign-up for the free chapter; it's like a virtual high five!
My mom friends who are curious about entrepreneurship or entrepreneurs would get a lot of value out of this book. Your chapters featuring some big name entrepreneurs are also relatable because many of us might battle with imposter syndrome or have a harder time trusting ourselves to make the right business decisions.
If you are out of ideas on how to practically go BIGGER in life then get on this wait-list for weekly inspo.
You might feel uncomfortable about stepping outside of your comfort zone. However, this book will teach you how to include other people during your journey which makes the exercises in this book very doable at your pace.
About Melissa Llarena

Melissa's background includes a psychology degree from NYU, an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and she holds a Transformational Coaching Academy certificate based on Tony Robbins principles and Landmark Education insights. She is a native New Yorker (read: she is candid) who has lived/worked in Paris as well as London, and courageously relocated to Sydney, Australia with her family. She also podcasts and releases an episode every Tuesday of An Interview With Melissa Llarena. In her podcast, she has interviewed 100+ podcast guests who have praised her for asking questions with depth and the power to change the lives of others. Don't take our word for this just tune into any episode and you'll hear how a decade of preparing professionals for job interviews has prepared her to interview the world's greatest minds including Beth Comstock, GaryVee, Suzy Batiz, James Altucher, and others. Melissa never imagined only having sons yet she has 3 of them. She'll gladly share her birth story with anyone who will ask her but let's just say she felt every single birth including that of her twins who were nine minutes apart. She is married and has been since 2004 to her college sweetheart who originally wanted 12 kids. Meanwhile, Melissa and her family are now living in Austin, TX.