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    “The pandemic was an opportunity for so many of us to reevaluate, course-correct and grow. Coming out of it now, this book can help us all reimagine and reset. I especially love the hilarious, poignant stories about motherhood in today’s society and the window into the psyche of people who go for it and get it done. There’s inspiration on every page."

    Macollvie J. Neel

    Brooklyn, NY

    What you get:

    In this chapter, you will SEE what bringing a sense of curiosity, playfulness, and a willingness to dream for yourself can do for both you and your family. You'll also have the opportunity to answer five key questions that will help you unlock ways you can rewrite your "mom scripts" so that you can cultivate a sense of playfulness every single day!

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    What is it all about?

    Ever wish there was a practical guide that’s flexible enough to help you design your life as a mom for unprecedented excitement, a wider range of possibilities, and impact?

    Are you ready to go from feeling lost and abandoned by your once fertile imagination to found and energized while using this book in search of your next big thing?

    All moms have an imagination including you! It just might not feel very fertile yet. You once imagined yourself as a mom. You wonder about your kids. When was the last time, you turned this superpower on yourself to help you play out life’s possibilities for you? Or, perhaps you feel unimaginative like you’ve playing life according to some script?

    In Fertile Imagination, you will uncover that your imagination has just been asleep. If you can wake up a toddler or a groggy middle schooler, then together with the stories featuring my podcast guests, proven tools, and personal anecdotes we can definitely reawaken your former playmate; your imagination!