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Your Imagination Is A Superpower:  The Practical Guide For Moms To Use Their Superpower On Themselves To Be Great
Where can I email you a short story that captures EXACTLY why I'm writing a book for moms about the use of our imagination?
Why Reawaken Our Imagination To Unleash Our Potential?

You are a mom. You can probably think of 1,000 ways everyone around else can get back up, launch a business idea, display their creativity, and live their best life. Yet, what about you?

I want to be that mom friend who can help you take a new look at how capable and awesome you can be if you  knew how to reawaken and use your imagination.

This book is about helping you turn this superpower all of us moms have on your highest hopes and biggest dreams. This is about ensuring you leave nothing you desire undone in your one precious life.

I want to show you how you too can rewrite the mom scripts you may have inherited...specifically the ones that might be screwing with your wildest ambitions. Interested? Then join the wait-list my wonderful mama friend! Below are some highlights coming your way when the book becomes available.

You've got these 4 things to look forward to this Winter 2022:

Get ready to uncover how much possibility exists in an unleashed sense of imagination
You will hear personal stories that are filled with life lessons that come from me personally designing what a well-lived life can look like as a daughter of a mom who has Manic Depression and sees the blessings in this experience.
Hear from multi-millionaires, teens, rock stars, illustrators, entrepreneurs, and others
You will see yourself in the stories of several of the guests who have appeared on An Interview with Melissa Llarena the podcast and be able to take action steps based on their wisdom.
Reflect on questions to set your dreams in motion so that you fulfill what you truly desire 
You will have an opportunity to cuddle with thoughtful questions that can change your life and help you imagine more out of your everyday life.
Hang out with a mom who is carving her own pathway to an imaginative life with young kids
You will learn from my mistakes and see how I too once thought that being a mom meant you had to relinquish your dreams and sacrifice your left ovary.
About Melissa Llarena

Melissa's background includes a psychology degree from NYU, an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and she holds a Transformational Coaching Academy certificate based on Tony Robbins principles and Landmark Education insights. She is a native New Yorker (read: she is candid) who has lived/worked in Paris as well as London, and courageously relocated to Sydney, Australia with her family. She also podcasts and releases an episode every Tuesday of An Interview With Melissa Llarena. In her podcast, she has interviewed 100+ podcast guests who have praised her for asking questions with depth and the power to change the lives of others. Don't take our word for this just tune into any episode and you'll hear how a decade of preparing professionals for job interviews has prepared her to interview the world's greatest minds including Beth Comstock, GaryVee, Suzy Batiz, James Altucher, and others. Melissa never imagined only having sons yet she has 3 of them. She'll gladly share her birth story with anyone who will ask her but let's just say she felt every single birth including that of her twins who were nine minutes apart. She is married and has been since 2004 to her college sweetheart who originally wanted 12 kids. Meanwhile, Melissa and her family is due for a return to the USA in 2022 and will be making her HQ in Austin, TX.