Serin is Not Writing Her Memoir Due to a Fear of Judgment, Episode 193

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Have you ever felt trapped within your own survival story? This week, we walk through this very journey with Serin, a mother and author who finds herself entangled in the chains of her past. As we traverse the winding path of her life, we uncover the deep-seated fears that have held her back from achieving her full potential as a mom and writer. Diving into the heart of her narrative, we delve into the impact of early childhood trauma and explore the powerful role of self-sabotage in Serin’s life. Together, we shed light on the tangible tools and lessons that can aid her quest for progress and growth.

This is a live coaching session where I coach Serin, an author with one daughter who is holding on to an old story that is getting in the way of writing her book, a memoir. Sound familiar?  She has done a lot of work to fight that story of survival but she still finds herself using it as the reason why she is not earning at her full potential nor making progress in writing her memoir. A lot came up related to early childhood trauma, which I have to say is often behind self-sabotage, impostor syndrome, and playing very small. Will Serin hold on tightly to her story or will she let it go after 40 years?  Time to find out – and if this episode resonates with your situation as a mom in business then sign up for a free breakthrough session with me: 

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About Serin

Serin was a Fortune 500 business executive who launched over 25 well-known brands, some are household names. Twelve years ago, she moved to Boulder, Colorado, and discovered her spiritual gifts as a medium and intuitive healer. When she’s not healing, she’s a mama to a budding young artist and a wife to a sculptor. Today, Serin teaches people to harness their instincts and to be truly at home with themselves. Her belief: the world is more beautiful when we can be who we want to be. Her best-selling book, U Empath You, helps women tap into their inner wisdom and learn how to manage their energy for the better.

Let Serin’s story inspire you to break free from the chains of your past and harness the power within you to create and share your unique narrative. Remember, your journey toward healing, progress, and empowerment is a significant one, not just for you, but for future generations as well. So, stay resilient, keep writing, and continue creating. Your story matters.

In this episode, you will hear these ideas expressed:

  • How to let go of a trauma story? Is it possible or is it like an irreparable mold?
  • Self-compassion can be the answer to changing a story
  • Imagine this: If you let go of a story then who could you be?
  • The fear of dropping a story that’s no longer serving you
  • Using what you as a mom would tell your kids for yourself is one coaching approach displayed
  • Is there a way to push yourself to write and can you give yourself the certainty that you are safe enough to write the truth?
  • Mother-daughter dynamics and what if your mom was a narcissist 
  • What are new strategies for overriding your story so that you can write?
  • Navigating being judged for your work and how to trust yourself enough to know how to handle it
  • So who are you really living a full life for and expressing your artistry?
  • Overcoming deep-seated fears and self-sabotage
  • The impact of early childhood trauma on Serin’s life
  • The role of self-love in reshaping our life narratives and breaking free from survival stories
  • The importance of self-approval and trust in oneself for healing 
  • Overcoming fear of judgment and embracing one’s true potential 

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