Caroline’s Path from Law to Art: Embracing Art Amid Societal Pressures, Episode 191


This is a live coaching session with a creative mom who has entrepreneurial ambitions to write and sing music. She has two young kids at home and works part-time as an attorney. She recently turned forty and does not want to squander this season of her life. Take this opportunity to see what a coaching session with me sounds like and if you are a creative mom with entrepreneurial goals that you are not hitting because you are stuck in an old story about who you should be as a mom with a business (less risky, less playful, less ambitious) then sign-up for a free breakthrough session with me. The link is right here in the show notes:

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About Caroline

Caroline writes music about what it’s like, as a mom and an artist. She sought coaching to muster the courage to redefine myself outside of society’s expectations (and my own expectations) in order to find something truer.

Caroline also shares the realities of juggling multiple roles – as an artist, a mother, and a professional. She talks about the courage and vulnerability it takes to follow a passion project, despite the hurdles life throws at you. In her journey of expanding her life possibilities and navigating the joys of parenting, Caroline’s story serves as a testament to the power of passion and resilience. Be prepared to journey with us through a narrative of self-rediscovery, resilience, and embracing your true identity with Caroline.

In this episode, you will hear these ideas expressed:

  • Turning 40 is a reckoning point when you take a look at your life and make different choices moving forward.
  • Why might a mom with two young kids but the means to focus on her artistic interests NOT move forward? What if you don’t have anything to lose too? What beliefs might be stopping you?
  • What if being ridiculous and following your passion lit you up as a mom? Is being an excited mom worth following a creative adventure?
  • Choosing a path where you feel respected. What do you need to hear to feel respected and accepted by others based on your choices?
  • How to get over other people’s perceptions and approaching challenges from a position of power 
  • Seeing jealousy as a sign that you may be interested in a topic or creative adventure – in comes Taylor Swift
  • Making a pivot into a creative adventure: What would it look like to actually be an artist? What would a weekend look like?
  • Not until you take yourself seriously will others take you seriously
  • Get to that place of how you want to feel to drive your goals and specific steps forward
  • What if no one else takes interest? How can you let go of needing that acceptance?
  • The idea of ‘three chords and the truth’ in music, and the importance of feeling acknowledged and accepted for our decisions
  • Owning her identity as an artist, practical and societal concerns, family’s reaction, and motivation to create her passion project
  • How the support of those closest to us can show us the respect we need to pursue our passions

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Melissa Llarena

Melissa helps movers and shakers up to those in the corner office rediscover what makes them unique so that they can land their dream job in a forward-thinking company where their ideas are listened to, valued, and supported.

She brings insights from having worked in 16-business units (including Human Resources) in NY, Paris, and London. Additionally, in her former corporate career, she worked on billion-dollar brands for P&G and on IBM for Ogilvy & Mather. Later, as the founder and CEO of Career Outcomes Matter, Melissa created a 3-step “sellable strengths” process which has been the centerpiece of her clients' results.

Melissa applies this method consistently to support mid-level professionals up to the c-suite to get into Fortune Global 500 organizations and agencies. She studied Psychology at NYU and earned her MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

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