Former Professional Cyclist and Lifetime Entrepreneur Kevin Miller on Starting Your Self-Employment Journey, Episode 73

Several former corporate executives have recently found themselves self-employed. For some, it’s been a dream long-time coming. Yet for others, it’s been anything but a dream. The ups, downs, and pace are different than working for someone else and that is why I wanted to interview a lifetime entrepreneur who has started 14 businesses, Kevin Miller. 

Listen in for his battleground-tested perspective on the price of striving all the time as well as his perspective having been raised in a home where he saw his dad build several businesses. After tuning into this episode, you will realize that in reality, you don’t have to do it alone and that everyone else has felt like you do at some point of their entrepreneurial journey as well. 

The best part about this chat is that Kevin’s perspective sheds light on the benefits of sharing your journey with others – especially your kids.

Here’s more about Kevin Miller. He has devoted himself to unearthing the root issues of positive, personal change, and motivating people to discover and commit to their unique contribution to the world. He hosts three podcasts which have eclipsed 51 million downloads and holds the ranking of #2 in All-Time Career podcasts in Apple Podcasts. 

The #2 position goes to The Ziglar Show – Inspiring True Performance, where he has conversations with today’s top influencers to understand what took them from ordinary to extraordinary. In each episode, he showcases their journey from inspiration to aspiration to achievement, focusing on business & career development and Christianity. Kevin also currently hosts a health and wellness podcast with Functional Medicine M.D. Randy James, The True Life Show and delivers actionable wisdom on Motive Podcast, where he gets to the root of what drives the biggest names in personal development.

Share this episode with those who are newly self-employed and would like sound wisdom from someone who has built 14-businesses and was raised by a world-class business coach.


  • Relationships: Life is a conversation with others. And it leads you to the right people in your journey.
  • Thoughts: With so many inputs, how can we tell which ones are ours? A lot of people discount their own voice because they feel that way. 
  • Self-Employment: Self-employment is not some holy grail. The point is what supports your values? 
  • Network: When you have the opportunity to speak about something you care about, it is amazing how similar people and beneficial people are attracted to you and they’ll come in.
  • Confidence: Just try something out. If it doesn’t work out, you try a different tactic. 
  • Ideas: Should they be shared or kept to ourselves?
  • Failure: There’s so much finality to it. But it’s not an ultimate defeat, only a temporary one. How can we help our kids be truly okay with failing? It’s all about making a good effort, no matter what the outcome is.
  • Trophies: How many are enough? Your accolades do not define you, but a gift or fruition of authentically caring for people and having morality and integrity. 
  • Price: Must we burn out in order to achieve success in business? Can we avoid the price? If you don’t take care of yourself, you could just be sabotaging your efforts and your success.
  • Closures: How does one know when to close shop? If you have something you need to leave, there’s benefit from it that you’re going to transfer over.
  • Life Quality: What if income is unpredictable? Will your kids feel negatively impacted?
  • Motive: What are the reasons we’re doing what we’re doing and what are the core values we’re trying to live out?
  • Job Titles: What does your dad do? It’s important to let our kids know where we are business-wise, and even financially to some degree.
  • Being a Granddad: What’s that like? Are you someone who micromanages your family or do you trust them and allow them to rise up?
  • The Ziglar Show: How will your kids talk about you? Kevin Miller and Tom Ziglar get to share their respective dads’ wisdom.
  • Personal Development: How do we actually make the change that we want? How do we even figure out what we actually want?
  • Success: What would success look like for Kevin for his listeners?
  • Action: How can you take any message and implement it?

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