How Much Creative Potential Do You Actually Have In You? Paulina Larocca and Dr. Jen Gippel Co-Founders of Creative Enlightenment on, Episode 74

How Much Creative Potential Do You Actually Have In You? Paulina Larocca and Dr. Jen Gippel Co-Founders of Creative Enlightenment on, Episode 74

Have you ever wondered whether you could ever be creative? Creativity is not limited to a beautiful work of art, a tear-jerking song, or a heart-wrenching sonnet. It’s also not just limited to people in academia or folks in the creative design world. Well, as humans, we all have that creative power. Everyone can be creative. It’s just a matter of understanding it and applying our ideas. 

And if you don’t consider yourself to be creative, then be sure to listen to the entire discussion and you’ll be surprised how much creative potential you actually have within you – it’s just waiting for you to tap into it.

What better way to talk about creativity than by bringing in these two beautiful, creative minds Paulina Larocca and Dr. Jen Gippel who are both making creativity their life’s work. Both ladies decided to launch an amazing publication that anyone can find on entitled Creative Enlightenment. 

On today’s episode, both of them are going to share their story, wisdom, and insights into creativity, emotional resilience, and the power of building a community. They also share their ideas around this concept of creativity that lies outside the current mainstream.

Paulina is currently applying for her doctorate. She has a master’s in Creativity and Change Management from a university in the US. And she is the author of three published books on creativity, the most recent of which is entitled The Holey Bible: How to Live a More Creatively Enlightened Life. Dr. Jen Gippel has a Ph.D. in finance from the Australian National University and a Master of Science in Creativity and Change Management from a university in the U.S. 

Share this episode with someone who wants to tap into their creative potential to see what opportunities are out there. Learn from these two creatives who share the same passion for helping other people realize their human potential through their creativity.


  • Partnership: It’s not an issue of being the right people, but being true people who are on the same page and share the same passion and drive to make it happen.
  • Community building: How do you make an impact and get those ideas out there?
  • Ideas: Traditional channels are not necessarily going to be receptive to your ideas. How do you make a difference with your ideas?
  • Medium: It’s just one channel and one type of idea. But there’s this whole other group of people who have wonderful ideas. How do we bring them together and get all our ideas out there?
  • Opportunities: Creativity is reframing obstacles as opportunities. Bad things allow you to start to see your way out.
  • Options: Through teaching creativity, people tend to be more resilient. You’re suddenly finding options where you suddenly saw none. 
  • Emotional resilience: The more resilient you get, the more capable you are of dealing with life and what it throws your way. 
  • Power: We all have that creative power. It’s a matter of understanding, using, and applying. It makes a huge difference in the satisfaction in our lives and our relationships with others.
  • Learn: Imagination can be taught. You don’t need a palette or paintbrushes to be creative. What are ways to be creative? 
  • Destruction: Creativity involves destruction as well. Sometimes, it’s not all happiness and wonderful things.
  • Writing: Engagement doesn’t matter. What’s important is you put yourself out there to see what resonates with your audience.


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