What Was Discussed (vs. Not) at SXSW Relevant To Creator Moms?, Episode 170

This is episode 170. I’m your host Melissa Llarena. I’ve been attending SXSW out here in Austin,TX and also volunteering on the Comedy Crew team these last days and weeks. I decided to tune into topics that hovered around imagination + wellness + women and here’s what I realized about what was being discussed vs. not being discussed in these three buckets:

Wellness – stigma, sector-specific nuances, and what’s in our locus of control vs. not – Xanax (more mental wellness was discussed than physical and nutritional wellness)

Imagination – The band New Order really made it clear that their educational experiences were not really invested in the use of their imagination. Makes me wonder if ours has evolved. I also say this having attended some SXSW EDU events the week prior.

Women – Black women. Corporate working women. Startup women. The conversation about being a mom was covered but driven more by the panelists as an afterthought OR to cover medical procedures to freeze eggs. Again, I didn’t go to all talks BUT I did see the list of events every single day and I can’t say there were many discussions where motherhood or being a mom was the headline. I wish there were more talks relevant to moms. How’s that SXSW relevant? Don’t we deserve technology, music, and film relevant to our lives as moms? Am I the only person thinking that when a movie is directed by a working mom with a kid in toe she should get extra credit for that Herculean effort? Perhaps, I can change that in 2024. TBD.

Now, why are these ideas important to you a mom who wants to create her desired form of art from a company to a book or screenplay?

There are panel picker polls out there that signify what will be popular or what is on the mind of SXSW attendees. The panelists, topics, themes as chosen by the people. So why aren’t more people interested in innovation to help us moms become better moms? Where are the mom movies? I mean I did see Furies about a mom who was hella pissed about her family being killed and it showed how maniacal we can get if someone touches our babies but I’m not sure if any other films talked about motherhood or were put together by moms. What if we could pull out our mom identity and use that alongside our workplace identity? Imagine how many conversations this fact when placed on a badge could strike up? What are our role + sector-specific insights? I sat on a mental health talk related to artists who go on the road BUT what about pulling out the ones who do so with kids?

It feels like the roles we get “credit for” are ones that guys can have too in top-tier festivals…but as moms, we are always playing the mom role and the job-related-role. These roles are what impact our wellness uniquely, stretch our imagination quite a bit, and in my own life…has been a bonus to being a woman…I get to choose if I want to play the role of a mom. Why can’t that role be held in as high of a regard as the global head of design for a credit card company? I’d co-sign the same deal for dads too.

What about mental health for working moms? For start-up moms? For moms in tech? For moms who are veterinarians?

What about imagination as represented by mom directors? What about mom screenwriters? What of mom talent agents?

What about calling out working moms on stage and on name tags saying you are a mom. You can opt-in but why not have our mom titles alongside our professional titles?

So this week has been bonkers! I’ve learned a lot and I’m so ready to return to my consistent meditation practice! Any other tired or uncentered or scatterbrained moms out there? P.S. I was you these last two weeks working and attending SXSW. I see you! I love you. Let’s be compassionate to each other….

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Melissa Llarena is an author, imagination coach, consultant, speaker, and contributor to ForbesWomen articles that have garnered 4 million + views. She is also the host of Unimaginable Wellness, the podcast for entrepreneurs, founders, and creators who are also moms. Featured guests include GaryVee and Beth Comstock. Melissa holds a psychology degree from New York University, an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and a Transformational Coaching Academy certificate. She is training to become a meditation practitioner. Melissa lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and three sons. Visit www.fertileideas.com.

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