Is Your Idea Just Good, or is it Necessary? With Founder/CEO of Flex-N-Fly Youmie Jean Francois, Episode 171

In the spirit of achieving wellness beyond your imagination, I want to bring into focus the idea that you should be able to carry on this feeling of wellness with you when you hop onto a plane. You should be able to honor your mental, physical, and nutritional wellness needs en route to your travel destination and this brings me to this week’s guest: 

Youmie Jean Francois is a transformational speaker, corporate wellness consultant, yoga instructor, and Founder/CEO of Flex-N-Fly, an award-winning travel wellness company that provides stretching, yoga, and relaxation classes to travelers before they board their flights in airports. 

Along with her tactical steps for going from an idea to a commercially viable business set of offerings worthy of external investment dollars, she shared in this candid conversation, how she knew that her idea was necessary and not just a good idea.

Know how to determine if your good idea is worth mustering up your finite mom energy to go after it. If you’re ready to pick one idea and execute it against your creative vision, then this episode is for you.


More about Youmie…

Youmie Jean Francois is a transformational speaker, Corporate wellness consultant, yoga instructor, and Founder/CEO of Flex-N-Fly. An award-winning travel wellness company that provides stretching, yoga, and relaxation classes to travelers before they board their flights in airports. Her desire is to take care of the mental health of travelers that suffer from anxiety. 

Youmie is an avid traveler that speaks four languages and is a mental health advocate. She created and designed both of Flex-N-Fly’s best-selling minimalist travel products The Flex|Bag and The Flex|Mats. You can catch her splitting her time between New York City and Colombia as she continues to expand the face of wellness. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Where did the idea for Flex-N-Fly come from?
  • Youmie breaks it down if you have a business idea then start HERE
  • Why a business starts with the papers, not the logo
  • Why the hardest part of creating a business is starting it
  • What is the actual cost of bringing an idea to life?
  • How did Youmie know that her idea was necessary? How might you figure this out yourself?
  • What pop-ups for all new business founders? Shakey confidence, money anxiety, sales anxiety
  • Why entrepreneurs must take the lead in their sectors especially if there is a contraction
  • Pandemic pivots and other unexpected hurdles that gave birth to the Flexbag: 
  • “Delays are not denials!” How to rethink delays and hurdles as you build your company
  • How did Youmie navigate the pandemic when her idea relied on airports and travel?
  • What to do if investors drop out?
  • A cool aunt’s perspective on what moms are truly capable of
  • What if you are inspiring people around you by being a mom?
  • Can moms choose entrepreneurship? Youmie is your wing woman!
  • Is there a spiritual reason why you might want to bring your idea to life?
  • Whose confidence do you actually need to launch a business or mother your child?
  • There are people who are relying on you to walk in your purpose to then walk in theirs….I’d add this includes your kids. Moms go first!

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