The REAL risk in not nurturing your child’s EARLY interests, Ep. 162

Also in this episode, 3-steps to nurturing even interests that might require screen time or trips to the ER!

So many moms don’t attach a value to doing something that fascinates them in the same way that they see a value in uncovering what might fascinate their kids.

11 years of coaching and in this episode, I share how I’m seeing this play out both as a mom and as a coach to moms who want to uncover their purpose and be brave enough to pursue it with all of their might.

Ultimately, there is value in BOTH you doing something that fascinates YOU and in you uncovering and being HONEST about what might fascinate your KIDS…if neither is considered then everyone loses; I’ve what happens when interests are stomped on and it’s ugly! Definitely, tune in to this week’s warning about what happens once we start ignoring our kid’s REAL interests (or our own).

The context for why this topic is URGENT and important for all parents

What I’ve seen from the most successful corporate executives is this…tune in

A personal example in my home that expresses I can be short-sighted too

Origami>NASA Solar Panels…who knows? Listen in…

Poll, I ran recently with a sample interest that got LinkedIn members talking

Skateboarding vs. Less Risky Options (Soccer) This was news to me….see stats:

Videogaming vs. Physical options (Screen time research)

Then what you can do MOM or DAD to truly nurture your kid’s interests

Listen to their interests without judgment

Acknowledge their interests as viable

Expose them to the industry in all sorts of ways (hint: we need to use our imagination!)

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