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Make 2018 The Year of Your Potential

2018 resolutions

You are invited to unleash your potential in 2018. Schedule a kickstarter session today. Click here to get started. My prior New Year resolutions are laughable at this point — from losing weight to working harder to creating a more colorful wardrobe. I’ve never committed to them beyond mid-February. Their allure dissipates sharply once Valentine’s Day rolls…

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Stop Depreciating in Value

Job hunters are like houses waiting to be sold; the longer they are on the market, the harder it is to sell them. In the case of houses, real estate agents change their strategy or update a property’s details (e.g. price, curb appeal, etc.) to generate leads. Similarly, you should make changes to garner a…

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What Cultural Nuances Energize YOU?

Company Culture Elements mind map

When I read Bill Barnett’s Harvard Business Review blog entry, “Investigate Culture, Ask the Right Questions,” I shook my head in agreement. A firm’s culture is difficult to articulate. Yet, cultural nuances such as the behaviors that are supported within a work environment as well as the conditions that exist internally are easier to put…

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Bear Gifts to an Informational Interview

Show appreciation when you are given a gift. An informational interview is a gift to a job seeker or a curious soul. You will surface the data you need to support your career transition if you focus your efforts on figuring out how to best express your appreciation to an interviewee.

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Writing a Résumé Should Hurt

A résumé enables you to put your best foot forward so be painfully thoughtful about its content. It must showcase only your MOST impressive accomplishments and selecting those requires four things: 1) discipline, 2) a delete button, 3) a job description, and 4) my secret sauce when the stakes are highest. 

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