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5 Smartest Ways to Spend Your Work Bonus

1. Invest in yourself. Potential return on investment (ROI) (+50%)  You can hire a career adviser. Similar to a financial adviser who helps you better plan your finances, a career adviser will revamp your career strategy, profiles (online and offline) and potentially increase your salary by 50%. If you’ve never worked with a coach then…

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3 Epic Kids Who Should Influence Your Career

Life changed when fixed income analyst Monique Péan’s 16- year old sister passed away in a tragic car accident. Monique found herself staring at seven computer screens and realizing that she didn’t know if she had six or 60 years left so she was motivated to take a chance.  Monique, who now designs eco-friendly, sustainable…

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Interview Tips: When to Share Personal Information to Land a Job

It’s NOT always inappropriate to discuss your personal life during a professional conversation — including during a formal interview, informational interview, or while networking. However, so few interviewees or job seekers bring their personal experiences into the mix for fear of coming across as unprofessional — and as a result so many miss the ultimate…

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