2023: Upcoming Guests, Self-Publishing Book Journey Updates, DM For Free eBook “Mommy Shift: Reentry Strategy For Working Moms,” Episode 160

In this episode, I will reveal some of my podcast guests coming up in 2023, behind-the-scenes efforts related to my book for moms and at the end, I will tell you how you can get a FREE copy of my very first book which I published in 2012 called The Mommy Shift: A Reentry Strategy for Working Moms. It’s 5-pages of a non-BS strategy on how to undercover what you want to do next. Hint: Send me a DM on Instagram @melissallarena with the word SHIFT for the 5-page strategy for moms who want to reenter the world of work.

What’s Coming Up In 2023
Anita Jaisinghani, Chef /Owner of Pondicheri in Houston, Texas; Author of Masala: Recipes from India, the Land of Spices
Paul Ollinger, Podcast Host of Crazy Money
Ashley Kegley-Whitehead, Founder of BigHer Impact
Australian Author Ingrid Adams – New novel ‘Descended’ launching March 2023

Wish List For 2023 (Please email me if you know any of these prospective guests and can connect me – melissa [@] melissallarena.com)
Dan Buettner – Blue Zones Diet
Steven Pressfield – The War of Art
Austin Kleon – Show Your Work

Behind The Scenes – Self-Publishing My Book For Moms

I just got my official acceptance into the Goodreads author program! Follow me: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13985796.Melissa_Llarena

I just got back feedback from 6 different moms who are my beta readers and in this episode, I read two excerpts! Side note: one made me tear up.

Meanwhile, some news!

I will be doing a crowdfunding program using either – Publishizer Offer OR Unbound Offer – because the truth is that my book has been a passion project funded by me for moms who do not want to have their whole identity swallowed up by motherhood thereby leaving them lost and feeling totally obsolete once their kids leave the nest! Oh and not to mention putting all that pressure on their kids as the source of their sole accomplishment. At this point, I know this can serve SO many moms like me who saw or were taught that motherhood has to mean pausing your life to pour all of your energy into ensuring your kids become who they are meant to be. And while that endeavor is noble…it’s hard to imagine what’s possible for others when you haven’t explored or yet figured out what’s possible for yourself? Holy cow, there’s a lot I’m grateful for right now and the feedback I’ve gotten from my fellow moms on this book is my numero uno hence I want to make this OUR book. So look out for my campaign because it’s coming out HOT! I’m trying to pick up the pace seeing how my boys just returned to school.

In the meantime, join my mailing list and grab a free book chapter today: www.melissallarena.com/waitlist

I am currently noodling over my book title and will be in the market for a book cover artist and grammar/eagle eye proofreader

I also plan on using Ingramsparks to help me with the distribution

Here’s the cool thing I wrote my very first book in 2012 called The Mommy Shift: A Reentry Strategy For Working Moms likely when a lot of what I just spewed didn’t exist. So this whole writing-a-book process in 2021, 2022, and now 2023 has taught me SO much!

Now, for a BIG private coaching opportunity for 3 moms in January! I want to get 2023 started RIGHT!

So many of you have been jerked around by the pandemic, motherhood, crappy childcare, micromanaging bosses, or unreasonable timelines in your former jobs or current jobs. You want to uncover what you do want to pursue today. You want to figure out what skills are transferable. You want to get back on the horse and this time take the reins in your career. If this is you then, I want to work with you starting this January to help you figure out what you want to pursue with complete clarity, confidence, and awareness of who wants you and where you can provide the maximum point of impact so you can get compensated your worth!

I am accepting 3-moms only in this January cohort and if you are serious about redefining what you do and how you contribute then this is your chance to have me by your side every single step of the way until you have complete clarity or an actual job offer in your hand. Our coaching relationship can come in two flavors – I will help you uncover your best next career that aligns with your real purpose and/or I will help take you that last mile to see to it that you get your dream job offer. I’ll be with you every single step of the way. You get to decide how far you wish to take your career!

Please understand this is your chance to have the support, reassurance, and expertise you need to ensure that your time out of the market does not hurt your odds for the right role or opportunity for YOU only.  Again, this is if you want to uncover your purpose today and/or re-enter the job market. This is especially helpful if the roles out there today are unlike the ones that were available when you were last in the market especially if you never worked virtually or are unfamiliar with social media etc.

Want to read case studies?: https://www.melissallarena.com/thank-you-appt/

Send me a DM to Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melissallarena/ if this opportunity is exactly what you want right now. My gift to you will be a free copy of my first book ever: the Mommy Shift: A reentry Strategy for Working Moms today. DM me the word: SHIFT.  That’s free and has no strings attached.  If you want a partnership to go from not knowing where you fit professionally to knowing where you belong then we will hop on Zoom to discuss what an all-in coaching partnership looks like. Here’s the deal. I am working on my book right now and January is when I will be focusing all of my coaching efforts in 2023 so take advantage! I lot has changed in the job market and you don’t want to miss out on the new roles/options out there!

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