Expertly Approach High-Stakes Interviews with Board Members, Shareholders and Investors

Secure job offers that you deserve

Are you interviewing—meeting with executives, the board of directors, and cross-functional leaders?


Do you have a rich background yet find it hard to convincingly prioritize your experiences and articulate them in a crisp manner?

Would you like to role-play with an expert?

Here’s your chance to fully prepare in time for your next interview and feel more confident and ready to convince others why they should hire “You” and not “The Next Guy.”


I have a unique half-day VIP session focused on you!

We could focus on landing one job or multiple opportunities. It’s entirely up to you.

Here is how this program works

We’ll jump on Skype and discuss your greatest professional wins.
I’ll ask you the toughest questions you will be asked, taking into consideration the biggest potential reservation that a hiring manager may have regarding your candidacy.

  • Do you have 15 years of direct management experience and they would also like virtual team leadership credentials?
  • Are you not a certified financial planner, yet you have led world-class financial planning and analysis teams?
  • Have you never worked on creating a company vision, yet have a strong viewpoint on how to go about employee-sourcing one?
  • Are you hesitant to say what you did during your time out of the job market?
  • Have reservations about using a prior boss as a reference?
  • Nervous about tackling the salary question because you’ve been underpaid for so many years?

I’ve helped clients tackle every single question you can possibly imagine since 1997.
You’ll learn tips and pointers to ensure that you are getting your key message across.
We will review your potential competitors and strategize on how to stand out.
You and I will partner for three intense hours to help you land a better opportunity.
This is meant to be an intense experience, dedicated to helping you master the art of interviewing.

To learn more, email me:

What this program includes

We’ll review your 90-day plan or any document you intend to share.

You’ll share your draft answers to the questions that have blindsided senior leaders in the past.

You will get clear frameworks to interview questions.

You will benefit from extensive problem-solving focused on addressing all of your biggest interviewing concerns.

You will gain access to an open forum where you can share anything and leverage an experienced sounding board.

You’ll know how to show that you are more than capable of handling any job.

You’ll have a one-on-one confidential experience.

Here’s a case study that will help you evaluate this opportunity:

Meet Thierry, the Chief Strategy Officer of an energy firm in Europe.

Here is what he has to say about partnering with me:

The results that I garnered from working with Melissa are that I gained structure around my interview preparation and picked up valuable interviewing tips that I leveraged to help me land a Chief Strategy Officer role in an energy company. What I liked best about working with Melissa was her response time in that she was there when I needed her, her quality and focus, and that she prepped for our meetings. I would highly recommend her to other senior professionals who are committed to doing the work necessary to ultimately get the best results.

Meet Lily, the CFO of American Express Bank in North America.

The most important thing people should know about working with Melissa is that with her they will find an open forum to air their concerns and receive very clear guidance on how to prepare themselves with confidence – know that her method really works. Not only did I get the job, but I have much more awareness now of my strengths and areas of opportunity as well as how should I approach an interview process. Aside from the confidence boost that I got from working with her I found her interview questions to be extremely helpful because they not only encouraged me to address how I would do the job as to exceed the company’s expectations but she also asked me questions that more broadly addressed the expanded role of a CFO in today’s global economy – it was a great learning experience for me overall. I really enjoyed working with Melissa and will be grateful forever for our shared success.

More case studies.

How ready do you feel for your next interview?

Schedule your session today. Email


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