How To Reconnect With Your Artistic Self For Busy Moms With Belinda Lindhardt, Episode 130

How can pausing or neglecting your hobbies as a busy mom lead to feeling like you’ve lost an essential connection to yourself?

In this episode, you’ll uncover what it takes to be an artist and a single mom, especially during those early childhood years. Hear whether it’s worth it to give up on your dreams, your artistry, or your own self. Also, learn about cost-effective and less time-consuming media you can use to express your artistry as a mom. 

Belinda Lindhardt provides valuable insights and productivity hacks fit for a creative mom who is busy or overwhelmed yet still appreciates her art as a tool to give herself downtime and help reconnect with herself. 

In this conversation, Belinda shares what it takes to continue and persist and work on your passion projects or even your creative business, no matter where you are in your life, whether you’re a single mom, or a mom taking care of a lot of unpredictable people. This concept is applicable whether you wish to maintain a hobby or you want to commercialize it and turn it into a “jobby.”

Share this with a mom who thinks she’s too busy to do things that bring her joy or a mom who desires to build and grow a resilient business that can weather the interruptions and changes that come with motherhood. 

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About Belinda Lindhardt

Belinda is an artist/painter, illustrator & graphic designer, based on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia. Belinda is inspired by the beauty she sees everywhere – in landscapes, in people, and in the playfulness of color, light, form, and movement. She loves creating art that brings joy to people’s lives. From colorful, abstract painted landscapes to captivating portraits and intricately detailed drawings, Belinda creates art and printed products that make ideal gifts or pieces to keep for yourself.

Belinda studied Graphic Design in 1995 and started her first business in 1996 creating websites. She is mainly a self-taught artist being a student of the internet. Belinda thinks being a mom has been her greatest achievement yet!


Artist: Being an artist means you’ve created something from nothing. That is equal in writing, or coming up with a solution or even cooking. Your identity is something you create for yourself.

Medium: Belinda wants to work more freely and openly, and create a painting more easily with the limited timeframe she has raising a family. And so the medium became less important. 

Mixed media: Try some watercolor backgrounds. Do a layer or two of watercolor. And then go over the top with some colored pencils for an intricate output.

Work smaller: Find short-cuts to create your art and make reconnecting a priority. It doesn’t have to take a long time to create the painting. You just need downtime for you to connect to yourself.

Connection: It’s about the connection and the journey of creating something new. It’s not about the outcome, even though that’s nice to have as well. You become better when you learn to connect with yourself.

Restart: The great thing about mixed media or painting is that you can just paint over the top of it. So if it’s not working how you want it to, you can paint over it and start again.

Practice: If you have a picture in your head, and it’s just not coming out on the canvas, understand that it takes time and practice to build up those skills. It’s part of the creative process. 

Art: It is hard when you have a blank canvas. Try drawing and scribbling words on the canvas before painting on it. If you don’t like it, then start again.

Formula: There is no formula in creativity because sometimes the idea or the concept is just there, and it works. 

Value: There is value in creating something, even if it’s not for financial gain. 

Model: You’ve got to have a little bit of joy to share with your kids and show them what to do because you want a better life for them. 

Joy: You’ve got to have joy in your life. It doesn’t have to be creative. It can just be taking that little moment for yourself and enjoying a cup of tea. Think of ways to add more joy to your life.

Resilience: Being a single mom, there is no backup. But being okay and kind to yourself about this helps you have resilience. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

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