Getting Back Up by Reimagining Rejections, Setbacks, and Failures, Episode 103

If you want to come close to fulfilling your life purpose, then challenges definitely come with the territory. And when it comes to going after something big and facing these rejections, setbacks, and failures, the most important piece to the puzzle is IF and HOW you choose to get back up, and ultimately, learn from them as well. 

But how exactly can you go about this mental gymnastics? The key is to reframe rejections and reimagine how a setback can just be that thing that gets you ready for your comeback, especially when things might feel quite devastating in the moment. 

This week, I have curated 10 unique excerpts from my 100+ podcast episodes, where my guests share how we can all reinterpret or use those tough times, and ultimately, how we too, can get back up with earned wisdom we can use to move forward towards the direction of any big ambition.

My guests include a former volleyball referee, professional dancer, an Olympic gold medalist, an entrepreneur with the ambition to help a billion people, a political cartoonist whose work you can see in the New York City Subway, a former combat photojournalist, a dating coach, a 14-time entrepreneur/co-host of The Zig Ziglar Podcast, a female from Nigeria who has an illustrious tech career, and a corporate executive who continues to take ballet lessons with little girls and world-class ballerinas. 

Throughout my 10-year career coaching individuals, I have realized that there is an approach to reaching out to strangers. There’s an approach when it comes to connecting with someone that you might not know, or someone you haven’t engaged with for a very long time. To learn more about this, join my community on Patreon.

Hopefully, these conversations will give you a glimpse into how you can reimagine your setback and those feelings of resistance coming from both the inside and the outside. That way, you too can build the same resiliency that our podcast guests have built in their own lives. 

By the end of this episode, feel free to share with me which excerpts truly resonated with you. Let me know by either becoming a Patreon member or connecting with me on Instagram @melissallarena.


Breeja Larson, Episode 30

Reimagine Mistakes: Reimagine mistakes by simply jumping back into the pool, and not letting that mistake change your original goal or strategy. Olympic gold medalist Breeja says a lot of us get to the point of some kind of performance or presentation. Then we become scared that our process or technique isn’t good enough. And so, we try to change things up because we want that end result so badly. When really, we just have to stick with the process that brought us that confidence in getting us there. 

Kevin Miller, Episode 73

Reimagine Failure: Reimagine failure by simply not seeing it as a final state. But instead, just trying a lot of different things to see what works and what doesn’t. 

Emily Pihlaja, Episode 9 

Fearlessness: Imagine stepping into on known territory and feet fearless, fearless by taking a leap of faith, and yes, sometimes, into the actual air. Ballet dancer Emily talks about nailing down a dance move with faith.

David Meltzer, Episode 61

Resistance: Reimagine how you think about gatekeepers, and things that might be in our way from accomplishing our goals. David thinks resistance is an anomaly and that you have to use your free will to expand, grow, and accelerate by clearing the interference by not focusing on those things you don’t want in your life. 

Connell Barrett, Episode 75 

Rejection: Dating coach Connell talks about embracing rejection.   

Cameron Schmidt, Episode 14

Ownership: Reimagine making people upset by your words or actions by simply owning your own discomfort. 

Feggo, Episode 42

Challenge: Reimagine even harsh opinions and rejections and think of them as a challenge or a test. Political cartoonist, Feggo, handled some pretty harsh opinions when he first shared his artistry. But he was able to leverage that as a learning moment, instead of being completely devastated. And so, when faced with a challenge, instead of taking things personally, just persevere.

Jane Collier, Episode 8

Focus: Reimagine where to put your focus, especially when you put yourself or you’re placed into rooms where some people might not think you belong. 

Stefan Zaklin, Episode 3

Curiosity: Get curious about how other people might be perceiving your skills and your accomplishments, and then do something about it. Instead of feeling rejected and feeling defensive, understand where someone else might be coming from and get feedback on the way you present yourself.

Jane Egerton-Idehen, Episode 38

Perception: Reimagine whether to accept other people’s opinions and limitations they have placed on you. Nigerian-Based STEM Advocate Jane Egerton-Idehen offers a perspective pertaining to our gender, equality, and expectations.   

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