Finding Happiness in the Little Things Within Your Reach, Episode 102

In this episode, I’ve curated another 10 excerpts from my 100 episodes where my guests have shared about happiness – how little it takes to feel happy and more inspired. It’s also amazing how short of a time someone can go from feeling anxious to feeling grateful, joyful, and truly supported the moment you take heed of your guiding light.

We’re constantly told to appreciate the little things and be grateful. We’re also told that happiness is within our reach. And so, I want to help you make happiness within your reach, especially during those hard moments. 

Maybe you’re living in a humble New York City apartment with chipped paint on the walls. And then you’re seeing all those things on social media with everybody living big, glamorous lives. Or maybe you’re reading or watching the news bringing about feelings of anxiety. Maybe you’re in a similar situation where you’re in a panic mode, and you don’t know how to break out from that feeling. Maybe you’re in the process of writing a book and you find yourself struggling with the editing. Then you go to a bookstore, look around the shelves, and wonder to yourself how all those books got there. 

Any of those are moments of cognitive dissonance wherein what we see outside doesn’t match with how we want to feel on the inside. It’s in those moments that we need the tools to help us feel happier. Now, I want these tools to be truly available to anyone. That’s why I’ve decided to pick 10 different podcast episodes where my guests have shared just how little it takes to feel super happy. I’ve also included a few tools you can try to feel happier and to be always in a position of gratitude, celebrating not only the big things, but also the little things in your life. 

This has been such a rewarding journey to have interviewed guests from all over the world. Some of them are my friends all the way back from my college days. But there were also a number of them that I didn’t know at all. Now, there is an art to how I approach any of them, and if you’re curious about how you can network with practically anyone, anywhere in the world, consider being a Patreon.

Hopefully, you will learn to appreciate the little things available to you today. And if you do this intentionally, it can change your mood and turn your day around – or even turn your life around! 


  • Luis-Migual Carabello, Episode 13
  • Affirmations: As an artist, Luis Miguel likes to put his ideas on paper on post-it notes. Post all those notes around you with messages that nourish your soul and you’ll be surprised how happy you will feel.
  • Jenny Herbert, Episode 82
  • Awareness: You can feel happier by coming back to something more basic, such as making yourself an omelet, and pairing it with wine. Book author Jenny Herbert talks about how happiness comes from being in the present moment.
  • Crishon Jerome Landers, Episode 49
  • Helpfulness: You can feel happier by carrying around band aids in your bag, or jumper cables in your car, in case you run into an opportunity to help someone else. Look for those opportunities to help someone else and be ready for anything, not just so that you can save yourself in those moments, but even save someone else that you might encounter.
  • Katherine Young, Episode 52
  • Memories: Katherine has this love of scrapbooking and she does it for herself. She feels instant joy as she collects concert ticket stubs, concert photos, and other concert memorabilia. It is in the process of recollecting everything she has experienced that she’s able to recapture that moment – making herself feeling happy twice for the price of one concert ticket. 
  • Hans Reichstetter, Episode 12
  • Invention: Challenge yourself to have your own MacGyver moment. In your own life, there might be things that you use every single day and you might have an opportunity to make that product even better. Becoming your own inventor is super fun!
  • Gabriele Corcos, Episode 47
  • Music: You can feel happier by listening to music that lights you up and by feeding someone you love or who matters deeply to you. Gabriele shares that moment when he had to make a sacrifice and pick between his profession and his daughters. 
  • Van Lai-DuMone, Episode 87
  • Creativity: Find something that’s going to prime you for the art or act of creation. explains how creativity can absolutely prime you for more creativity. And in that process. You can absolutely do something as simple as sanding and repainting your windows. So believe that you can feel some bliss and use that moment to get creative and prime yourself for more creativity.
  • Jacques Slade, Episode 1 
  • Simplicity: Be a creator in whatever you want to define it. You don’t have to be an Instagram influencer or a blogger. You can create anything without necessarily having to show anyone else what you’ve created. 
  • Sarah Spencer, Episode 80 
  • Light: Do something as simple as grabbing a pair of scissors and paper in different colors. Think paper sketching. Sarah talks about not going in with a set plan, but just letting the product come to you. She did just that, and ultimately, she stumbled upon her own guiding light.
  • Raphael Rowe, Episode 89
  • Freedom: You can feel happier when you take a step back and relish in the fact that you are a free person and that you can control your life and destiny. You can build a home, you can go on a holiday, and you can make your own choices. Raphael shares what happened after he left prison.

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