Find Out How Your Favorite 80s Ski Gloves Freezy Freakies Were Revived, A Bear Costume Became A Fetish, And How Hans Reichstetter Derisked Both Ideas, Episode 12

So excited about my conversation with an entrepreneur who happens to be one of my classmates from business school. Meet Hans Reichstetter. We both attended the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and it’s been over 10 years now.  He and his twin brother Karl created the Buffoonery Factory LLC around 8 years ago. He is currently the Co-Head of Idiocy under the Buffoonery Factory. Here’s a bit about this business. It is comprised of two apparel lines a Griz Coat line of faux-fur costumes which have made a cameo in the Real World as well as in a recent Superbowl VISA Ad this year.  The second is a brand that I loved as an 80s kid called Freezy Freakies essentially a ski glove that transforms before your very eyes when in a cold environment. The third business is a bit “more serious,” it’s called the Rumble Jar — it is a better cold brew coffee maker. Prior to this business venture, Hans was a part-time CFO of a bike start-up company, worked in the energy efficiency space, and once upon a time worked in banking.

Listen for Hans’ take on:

-How he and his brother have maintained their sense of humor and how the masses let them know they wanted more of it by way of their Griz Coat product offering.

-The revival of their childhood “everything” gloves i.e. Freezy Freakies and why the original manufacturer handed over its adult license without any hesitation at all.

-Thinking about what career path or opportunities to focus on when you have some options.

-How his childhood may have shaped his curiosities as an adult.

-The different reasons one could want to become an entrepreneur and how there could be lots of different reasons for entrepreneurship.

-Why he launched seven Kickstarter projects and how all three of his current businesses did well because they benefited from Kickstarter.

-The bigger risks other than money when it comes to building a business or creating a product.

Listen to what Hans would suggest when it comes to answering a job interview question for a role that is in a new field or sector. Hans had never worked in coffee before launching the Rumble Jar a simple yet superior cold brew technology.

Tell me why you are the right person to bring this cold brew technology to the market? Why are you qualified?

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