Fix Summer Overwhelm For Moms In Business (Work-Life Integration Series), Episode 179

As a coach for 12 years now, I understand how a working mom feels when everyone else is counting down the days until summer. I have identical twins who are 9 and a 12 year old. All of them will be cared for in a mix of summer camps, by a babysitter, me, and my husband this summer. Sound familiar? This used to make me anxious until I started asking myself an important question that I’ll share with you here.

If the answer is YES (Melissa, I’m anxious about this summer), then I want to share with you ONE tangible solution to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed or anxious when you look at the days flying by. P.S. This is the tip of the iceberg and if rethinking how you navigate your life as a mom in business is your top priority in 2023 then I will let you know how you can reach me for a free private and confidential consultation as a member of this newsletter community. Read through the note.

Some context: This note starts off my series of work-life integration for moms in business….because I don’t believe that balance is real and frankly a lot of us are more excited about being on the thrill ride of business building than hopping off this ride. And this goes for ME too.

Now, the working moms that I have spoken with during the last few weeks are feeling enormous levels of anxiety right now about the upcoming summer months. There’s a lot on a mom’s mind in May.

Summer camps – some have 20 chrome tabs open with options that are just okay

Extensive childcare – some are paying $27/hour or more for this (so filling the calendar gaps in between camps is pricey too)

Family travel – some are navigating logistics here and booking and packing for their crew and when arriving will continue to be on-call

You are currently mentally overloaded if this email rings true. The kid/s are in school YET now you are getting those migraines. Imagine when the kids at home this summer? Imagine them staring at you for entertainment ideas 24/7? Let’s get ahead of that right here and right now.

You want to bring your best to your family, right? You want to bring your best to your business, too?

The MAJOR challenge you will experience as a mom in business if you have not let go and decided to ask for help during this summer set of months is that you will be in charge of managing everyone’s daily life experience while maintaining the health of your business with zero slack in your schedule. You will have a hard time bringing your best to your business and bringing the best to your family.

This will result in feeling disappointed, having a short fuse, and adding to a chaotic summer season which will set you back come September which is when you have got to be ready for maximum impact….every September is when entrepreneurs seem to rush out of the gates with offers and solutions for everything. This has been what I’ve noticed these last 12-years. And yet, these months before summer tend to go the same every single year…is this the case? Or is this the case?

This is a cycle….that needs to be addressed right now….
It is a cycle that does not produce the fruits you deserve
It is a cycle that is a disservice to yourself and your family
It is a cycle that does not just have consequences for yourself, lack of sleep etc.….it affects the financial health of your entire family….because what kind of energy and enthusiasm will you have when Sept comes around and everyone else is pushing hard on the Sept momentum in their businesses?

So today here is one piece of the puzzle that I want to encourage you to make time for today….one piece of the puzzle to navigate this summer season with greater ease so that you can actually enjoy this time off…this saved me from pre-summer anxiety and pre-break anxiety too.

Now, I ask myself this question before school breaks….

What’s The ONE Thing You Can Do Such That By Doing It Everything Else Will Be Easier Or Unnecessary – Gary Keller

I’ve shared this question with coaching clients for whom it became crystal clear that some of the things they were doing were NOT necessary if they could just identify that ONE thing….

Personal example, creating a podcast guest system was that one thing for me years ago….the time I spent creating a podcast guest system has saved me hours​

My emails back and forth are down between guests and I
My interview prep easier
My asking guests for affiliate links or coupon codes is now effortless

In time for this summer to manage your anxiety….what is your ONE thing….tackle it…​


USE THIS QUESTION TO GET OVER THIS HUMP and if you want to skip the off-school anxiety and anxiety of toggling between motherhood and running a service-based business then I want to invite you to schedule a 30-minute Zoom call with me. It’s complimentary and the idea is to uncover how else you can your imagination to reimagine how to make major advances on your business in sprints, bounce back quicker from life’s interruptions, and stay energized and present for meaningful moments.

Please know these free calls are exclusively for moms in business who must find a better way to integrate their work and life. A mom who is committed to achieving success in both areas of her life without losing her health, mental sanity, or joy along the way. It’s NOT worth it.

​Book a free 30-minute call today to get major clarity on that ONE thing for you and let’s devise a plan for how you can stay FOCUSED during the next few weeks and months without losing your cool!

​Select a date/time from my calendar HERE.


This is complimentary and if you want my additional coaching to hold you accountable then that’s for us to decide if it’s a fit once those 30-minutes are done. Sound good?

I’ll hold 5 spots open in the next two weeks. First come, first served. Yes, it’s exactly like those quickly dwindling summer camp openings. Argh. 🙂


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