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Write Evidence-based Cover Letters Not Fluff

Generic cover letters or fluff-filled ones are as bad as showing up to an interview with a grossly stained outfit. Yes, you wore the suit but you did not show care by having it dry-cleaned...

When a Pay Cut or Demotion Makes Sense

Changing careers requires sacrifices. You may have to give up a prestigious title and its accompanying compensation to enter a new field. Yet, it’s difficult to know when pay cuts and demotions are worthwhile. (more…)

What Cultural Nuances Energize YOU?

When I read Bill Barnett’s Harvard Business Review blog entry, “Investigate Culture, Ask the Right Questions,” I shook my head in agreement. A firm’s culture is difficult to articulate. Yet, cultural nuances such as the...

Bear Gifts to an Informational Interview

Show appreciation when you are given a gift. An informational interview is a gift to a job seeker or a curious soul. You will surface the data you need to support your career transition if...

Writing a Résumé Should Hurt

A résumé enables you to put your best foot forward so be painfully thoughtful about its content. It must showcase only your MOST impressive accomplishments and selecting those requires four things: 1) discipline, 2) a delete button,...

Tell Me Your Story but Alleviate My Headache

Grab my 24-hour interview guide to get the job. CLAIM YOUR GUIDE NOW Here is how to think about attacking the old, “tell me about yourself" question.  The easy way to do so is in...

R.A.T.S. is How Employers Prioritize the S.T.A.R. Method

The S.T.A.R. method is used when responding to behavioral style interview questions such as, “tell me a time when you worked on a cross-functional team or when you demonstrated leadership qualities…etc.”  (more…)