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Writing a Résumé Should Hurt

A résumé enables you to put your best foot forward so be painfully thoughtful about its content. It must showcase only your MOST impressive accomplishments and selecting those requires four things: 1) discipline, 2) a delete button,...
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Tell Me Your Story but Alleviate My Headache

Grab my 24-hour interview guide to get the job. CLAIM YOUR GUIDE NOW Here is how to think about attacking the old, “tell me about yourself" question.  The easy way to do so is in...
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R.A.T.S. is How Employers Prioritize the S.T.A.R. Method

The S.T.A.R. method is used when responding to behavioral style interview questions such as, “tell me a time when you worked on a cross-functional team or when you demonstrated leadership qualities…etc.”  (more…)
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