Elley Symmes

Latin America Research Analyst

The biggest result I’ve noticed after partnering with Melissa is feeling like I have a direction I want to move in. Before we started I had no idea what I wanted or how to get it. I also was struggling to get my resume and cover letters in order. I now feel more confident when networking because I know how to reach out to prospective connections. I also understand how to recognize whether a potential job will be a good fit. A big hesitation I had when choosing to work with Melissa was if I was too young in my career to benefit from your services. I felt like her site was more tailored to experienced professionals looking for a career switch. I expressed this to Melissa and still agree with her point that the skills she teaches are relevant across career level and could really give me a leg up in moving forward. Melissa also tailored my specific program so that I could get the most out of it. I would recommend Melissa to even those earlier on in their careers, I already have to the majority of my young professional friends across industries who are feeling “stuck” and unsure about what they want to do. I honestly think Melissa should go around to different colleges and do a senior year workshop. I would have killed to have something similar to this my senior year while applying to jobs and figuring out what made sense for me. The most important thing to know is that the effort they put in will match the benefit they get out. I like this program because she doesn’t just answer all the questions and make all the connections- she challenges us and helps guide us in discovering what will be best and make the most sense. Lastly, doing this is 100% worth it for any age or career level.