Mamie Brown

Founder of Community Training & Employment Resources

I hired Melissa to do a two-hour training targeting post-9/11 military veterans who were looking to transition into civilian roles. Melissa delivered what she promised, she respect everyone’s values and time, she was committed to her clients, and delivered a high-quality presentation. The best thing about working with Melissa is her commitment and follow-through. It is important to me to know once I have a commitment from a trainer/presenter, I don’t have to worry, it’s done. In addition to conducting the training, she even invited a guest who has made the transition from military to civilian employment. Her presentation was great and I believe her story and her husband’s story will inspire students to do well because they know what others have done. During Melissa’s session, I even learned a few things myself. For example, Melissa uncovered other veteran-friendly organizations that I have not thought of inviting to CTER’s [Community Training & Employment Resources] breakfast to expand our job development list of employers. This is extremely valuable information to Community Training & Employment Resources as we aim to prepare people to become successful job seekers and employees. Lastly, I would recommend Melissa’s services to others, because I believe they will get a well thought through presentation based on their requested topic, a committed person who will do what she says, and a speaker who is guided to do a great job.