Tracy Johnson

Vice President

In the beginning I felt hesitant about networking and getting in contact with people. I had always worked with recruiters before so I felt a little outside my comfort zone. However, after having a few conversations with a couple like-minded people in my network I think I am really coming around to idea of being in charge of your career destiny. I definitely would recommend Melissa’s services. I could have had a couple of friends try to help me with the resume and some of the other topics, but no one has the time or inclination to dedicate the kind of detailed attention that I wanted. It’s like career personal training. Could you get results if you hammered away? Sure. However, in today’s competitive market I think it you want to minimize the amount of mistakes you make before finally getting an offer – which I did within 30 days. I would however recommend that prior to launching into a career coaching relationship, it’s important to have a real conversation with oneself about what you really want going forward.