Amy Hernandez

Service Delivery Manager, NYU IT 

I got the job that I wanted – so life is good! Originally, my only hesitation was making the investment at a time when I was not bringing in a paycheck.  I felt a bit of guilt using money period but I quickly justified it as an investment in future paychecks – which worked out.

What you need to know about working with Melissa is that she is flexible. Life is a mess in every house and she recognizes that.  She was always there when I needed and a time that worked for everyone.  I really appreciated that! Also, it’s important to know that although we are all busy she gives homework. Melissa’s exercises were an important opportunity to look inward at, not who I am or was, but who I wanted to be. While tedious, they did provide me with a lot of clarity on who I want to be and how to best present myself to start being that new version of me! I’ve benefited from partnering with Melissa in ways beyond having the job I wanted. I used to think it was not genuine if you had a script ready but having realized that nerves often have different plans than your judgment, I’ve learned the value of preparing points ahead of time.

Your own genuineness comes out as a result of not focusing on your nerves. I would absolutely recommend Melissa!  And I’ve already done so.  Anyone in my position could benefit at this point from a bit of coaching.  Just because you have been working forever doesn’t mean you know what people are looking for out there.  People looking to change professional paths trying to open doors in different industries or areas within their own industries.  We assume we know a lot but sometimes, a bit of freshness is always helpful!

Something else that you need to learn about Melissa is that there is time for everything – chit chat, catchup, business, wrap up – but, it all needs to be done efficiently … with our lives being so multifaceted, we need to efficient with our times, know what we need to accomplish together and separately in order to achieve our collective goals.  Melissa doesn’t play around and she makes it clear from the onset.  I really appreciated that about working with Melissa.