Public Relations (PR) Professional for a Sporting Goods Company 

Member of Women in Sports and Events Company

After working with Melissa, I realized that I need to put in the time and effort in order to get what I’m seeking. Being kept accountable for deliverables kept me on track, and forced me to keep job hunting and the homework that came along with it, top of mind.

Aside from obviously being an expert in her field, Melissa really knew how to speak to me… very much catered to who I am. She pushed gently and positioned my work as being all about the kids I would be helping in my target employer, not me, which was extremely smart to do, as well as a great tactic to use on those of us that are very focused on giving back to others, as opposed to doing for ourselves. In terms of her resources, I think the sample cover letter/resume were the best resources.

I learned how to customize and really show off my qualifications- not an easy task for someone who is introverted. What folks must know about working with Melissa is that you’ll not only receive the one-on-one virtual sessions, but there’s so much more to it- videos, emails, additional content to help grow. It didn’t and doesn’t feel like a “one and done” type of program. I have already recommended Melissa to others.