Amanda V.

Business Development Professional for a Design Company

The key result that I received from working with Melissa was that I landed a job! I additionally received 2 other interview requests with Melissa’s help, apart from the company with which I went forward. I also greatly improved my resume and cover letter writing skills and effectiveness with which I networked to land interviews.
What I most enjoyed about working with Melissa is how she was able to provide strong wording for how I should frame my communications and accomplishments with potential employers – be it in a LinkedIn outreach email, in an interview, a salary negotiation discussion, or a cover letter and resume. Melissa knows the strong and impactful language hiring mangers want to hear.
Aside from our scheduled sessions, Melissa would check in on how things were going and provide resources that could be helpful in my job search. This included a tech conference to look into, finding a company connection via LinkedIn for me, sending along open jobs, tagging me in helpful LinkedIn posts. It felt great to feel like Melissa was invested in my success!
During only four sessions, I picked up an effective framework around how to market myself to positions around the “assumptions” people may make based off the limited information they receive about me, including my academic credentials. I also learned how to effectively negotiate salary. I’d recommend Melissa most to inidividuals looking for private sector jobs, since she has an MBA and years of corporate experience. What is also important to know about Melissa is that she is straight-forward with her feedback and advice (a “northeastern” communication style, in my experience), so you need to be ok with a direct communication style.
It felt great to have someone along with me on this journey! With Melissa’s help, I became convinced that with the right amount of hustle and grit, anyone can to get into their dream companies.