Lifestyle and Organizing Expert Patty Morrissey Teaches the Art of Listening to Your Intuition, Episode 114

Have you ever read those Chicken Soup for the Soul books? In this conversation with Patty Morrissey, it just felt like I was reading Chicken Soup for Women. If you’re a woman seeking some answers to life’s big questions, then this conversation is for you!

We’ll cover topics such as a woman’s intuition, what to do if we hear something we don’t like, the lessons our kids are here to teach us, as well as how you can take baby steps from surviving to thriving.

As a mom of three young boys and having a coaching business, I was feeling a little overwhelmed one night. And it dawned on me that other moms must also feel this way. Our kids are going to grow so quickly that if we’re not present, we could miss that. But how do you become present without losing your sanity? There has to be some balance there.

Out of that meditation, I came up with the idea of creating a safe space for us, moms, who have young kids. It is totally possible to be more present and not lose your mind. Join this one-hour free workshop with me and other moms who figured it out. We figured out how to not feel short-tempered all the time and to not feel like we’re going to miss something. There’s so much beauty in motherhood, but this stage right now has a timestamp. So sign up for this workshop on

Share this episode with your other mom-friends who might also be feeling overwhelmed right now, and hopefully, they will gain valuable insights into being more present. Enjoy this conversation!

More About Patty Morrissey

Patty Morrissey, MSW is a lifestyle and organizing expert. Patty applies her experience in clinical social work to unpack both the physical and emotional stuff getting in your way so that you can become the person you are meant to be. Patty is the Founder and Head Coach at Clear & Cultivate and the creator of The Clear & Cultivate Method™.  Patty is also a Master Certified KonMari Consultant. She believes our homes should “Spark Joy” and that our own definition of success is the only one that matters.


Courage: Be open to learning from anyone including those whose views may not be your own, especially in light of this “cancel culture” where people have some views we might not share. 

Creativity: Come up with a mantra for yourself that can help you get through a tough time, even during a kid meltdown.

Curiosity: Find some stillness to ask your intuition for guidance. If you’ve gotten to that place where you’re willing to ask and you’re quiet enough to actually hear something, then you start to trust taking action on it. 

Intuition: Connecting with your intuition takes practice. It’s hard to tap into our intuition because we live in a busy world. But once you start to practice the art of listening to your intuition, you will find that inner voice that often speaks from your heart and not from the head.

Listen: It’s hard for people to let go and trust that their feelings are valid and their intuition is correct. And so, start with little things to build up to that point where you can listen to the big, scary truth and take bolder action. 

Learn: Our children are capable of so much more than we think they are sometimes. And they could teach us lessons that we could also apply to life and business. All you have to do is listen to what they have to say. 

Thriving: Fully accept yourself and look around at your environment and ask yourself, “Is this supporting me right now? Are the things in my immediate environment helping me thrive? If the environment is no longer safe and you need to take a leap out of it to find some shelter and safety, then do that.

Permission: Sometimes, people don’t give themselves permission to want more. But we’re meant to thrive because that’s what we’re supposed to do.

Collective: We all move up together. Your thriving affects other people’s ability to thrive and your own development is going to support other people. Begin with compassion for yourself and acknowledging the truth that you want more.

Mentor: Everyone could be our teacher. We need to have the capacity in this cancel culture to take what’s useful and leave the rest. 

Guide: When you’re listening to your intuition, and you hear that call that says it’s time to act,  understand that the journey is supposed to be challenging. It’s going to generate self-doubt so look for guides along the way and signs that you’re on the right path.  

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