From Double Majoring in Biochemistry & Jazz Performance to Being a Finalist on America’s Got Talent, Trombone Dancer Jonathan Arons, Episode 4


I decided to talk to a stranger on a flight home. He happened to be Jonathan Arons the Grammy-award winning artist who soulfully dances with his trombone.

His career has paired him notable artists across musical genres. He has played with Alicia Keys, Jon Bon Jovi, Gloria Gaynor, Stevie Wonder, Usher, and Pharrell. In Jazz he’s performed with Charles Mingus Big Band, The Vanguard Orchestra, and as a member of the Dave Holland Big Band on the 2005 Grammy winning Big Band album Overtime. In Salsa/Merengue, he has also played with Cuco Valoy, Nino Segarra, Hector Tricoche, and Raulin Rosendo.

He’s also made his rounds in the world of reality TV including appearing on America’s Got Talent, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, and Steve Harvey, among others. And notably, he sits on the board of the Melody Arons Center an organization that empowers at-risk, developmentally disabled infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families.

Listen to episode #4 because Jon is fearlessly living life on his own terms.

You’ll especially enjoy this episode if you’re curious about Jonathan’s thoughts on any of the following questions

  1. How do you describe what you do since you wear a lot of hats?
  2. Say more on how you feel like you have a lot more to offer.
  3. How do you think about reinventing yourself when people know you for one thing and you want to do something else?
  4. How did you get into music in the first place? Where did your rage come from?
  5. How did you choose between being a physician or a musician?
  6. What are some ways that a child can influence his or her parent’s career choices in very profound ways?
  7. What’s the backstory on America’s Got Talent? The real story…

In this interview, you’ll also hear how Jonathan would answer the following job interview question:

What’s your take on people who use their power to act unethically? But first, what’s your personal take on power?

If you enjoyed this episode then please donate to the Melody Arons Center an organization that empowers at-risk and developmentally disabled infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families.

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