How To Recover From Burnout 3 No BS Strategies For Moms, Episode 164

I’m burned out. Now, what? 3 lessons I learned on how to keep burnout at bay or to rescue myself because mental illnesses run through my family. Plus, what mom has time for burnout? As you listen to this episode, definitely be sure to grab my 10 burnout zappers for creative moms and pass them along to your mom friends too.

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My identical twins didn’t sleep through the night until eight months in. That was the same year that I lost a loved one to cancer and that my mom was in a hospital due to being poisoned by a collage of psychopharmaceuticals. It was a devastatingly overwhelming year. I write about this situation in my upcoming book called Mom Life Rescripted: Reawaken your imagination, reintroduce playfulness into your life, and stretch your thinking. While everyone around me thought I was crazy, it was important to me to exclusively nurse my twins as I did my eldest. It so important that without my imagination awake even during those sleepless nights I could NOT have figured out how to spend time away from the twins to go to funerals and a psych ward while keeping my promise to my boys. Let’s be clear. I’m NOT passing judgment on you if you didn’t make the same decision or couldn’t. This is just my experience and one of the several moments in my life when burnout entered my mom life. So how did I cope with all of the burnout that I felt as a mom during a terrible year?

Here are the three lessons that I wish to teach you:

1-Ask AMBITIOUSLY for help – If you secretly wish you could wave a magic wand and have a meal delivered, your home cleaned, and someone else to hold your boob at your child’s mouth then I encourage you to sincerely make the biggest ask of your entire life without any shame so you can begin your burnout healing journey right now. Back then, I asked my friend with her own twins to donate me her stockpile of milk. Do you know those styrofoam tubs? Yep, she brought her milk to my doorstep.

2-Pay 100s of dollars for a cab to see the doctor for yourself – That year the cherry on top was me developing pneumonia because we were also buying a house that year. The mortgage paperwork took me over the edge. I was in such a state that I was coughing and peeing and my lung hurt so much so that I had to suck it up. Hop in a cab for an hour to my original family physician who went on to tell me, Melissa, this is the real deal. You may not be unwell in a physical sense but if you are burned out then find an escape for a night or weekend to regroup your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Not all illnesses are visible.

3-Pick one interest that lights you up – Stop f*cking yourself up like DJ Esther say in an interview. In my book, I share her story and how she fell ill after neglecting herself during a family crisis. Your body doesn’t give a shit if you have a good reason for running yourself ragged. You aren’t going to be given a pass because you neglected yourself to care for a parent or child or partner. All intense events are equal opportunity and the path back out of burned begins by finding ONE thing that you enjoy —- small or large and doing it.

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FREE RESOURCE: 10 Burnout Zappers For Creative Moms – Unexpected and (several playful) ideas to avoid getting too burned out (or to zap it quickly) so that your imaginative, playful, and expansive thinking self can create something glorious today!

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In her book, Melissa shows us that motherhood does not have to be a pause or an end of your pre-child self. With guidance from her podcast guests, she encourages us to think big, find what lights us up, think big, and move towards our goals with the steps that fit the reality of our lives as they are today. In doing so we honor and inspire our child(ren), and our own inner child. – Single Mom To A 12-Year Old Boy

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