From Media Executives to The Big Life Experiment, Cathy and Joe Lurie Share Their Passion for Helping People Reset and Create the Life They Want, Episode 91

If you’ve ever wanted to reset your life, then you will love this conversation with the couple Cathy and Joe Lurie who did just that! Both have a spirit of adventure that many of us yearn for in our daily lives. We may have once had the guts to toss caution to the wind and seek a life of freedom. But lately, perhaps some of us may have forgotten how badass we once were – and still can be. 

Now, what caught my attention and the reason I decided to interview this couple was that I noticed in them a similar desire that I have: to show you that you do not have to live a prescribed or template life, which is life ruled by everyone else’s expectations and societal norms. 

You see, you don’t need to lose your zest for life. You can continue to secretly live for Halloween costumes and keep on being you! Your life truly is one big series of experiments if you let it be just that. Even as parents, just because we have kids doesn’t mean we should let go of our sense of adventure – it should even be the opposite, in fact. 

Cathy and Joe Lurie are former TV Producers who both went through breakdowns at 27 from burning the candle at both ends. Their breakdowns served as breakthroughs and an important wake-up call they needed to make some changes in their life and start taking care of their inner world.

They both dived into the world of yoga and meditation, making changes on the inside and eventually leaving London for a better quality of life in Sydney.

Never feeling fully aligned with her media career, Cathy left her 9 to 5 job in 2014 to follow her passion. She spent three years running her own Outdoor Fitness Business before her marriage to Joe hit the rocks, leading to her closing the business in order to save their marriage.

They fell back in love and a few years later, decided that even though they had a nice life, they still weren’t living life on their terms. So they sold their flat, left their careers, moved states, and started again in their late 30s, fully committed to creating their dream life.

In January 2021, after 10+ years of investing a lot of time, money, and energy into their own personal transformations, they decided to join forces and start Big Life Experiment. A brand that helps people jump into the driving seat of their life by getting to know who they are so they can create a life they love.

Share this episode with those who want a reset from life and who know that they will need to make some changes in the way they think about their own personal transformation in order to experiment their way to their unique best life.


  • Courage: Reimagine life as being more expansive. Showing up in a better way in life takes courage because there may not be many examples in your circles of people who are living life in the way you’d want to live, so sometimes you have to find new people and new circles.
  • Curiosity: Choose what your day will look like and then execute on it. It might feel like foreign territory but it is possible if you first figure out what motivates you. Learn new topics and take new classes that work your different muscles.
  • Creativity: The key step is to decondition yourself from how others define success as well as from all the societal norms. Think for yourself as to what would work better for you.
  • Expansive life: Do something that contributes to the community so you can invoke society to also help other people better themselves.
  • Motivation: The objective of the business is to make money so you can pay for the bills, have a roof over your head, and put food on the table, but that’s just one part of it. Choose what you want to do instead of doing something you don’t want to be doing.
  • Entrepreneurship: There’s a huge difference between an employer mindset versus a business owner or entrepreneurial mindset. When you look at a physical clock on a wall, it’s not the same at all. 
  • Reset: ​​Maybe you want to change jobs and work for someone who shares your values. But first, understand who you are before reattaching yourself to what you want in life.
  • Joy: You could be enjoying your job. But there’s lots of other stuff going on in your life that you’re not feeling very fulfilled about and you feel lost. Find that joy in your life, whether it’s walking, yoga, or whatever shift you need to make.
  • Me-time: Make time your friend. A lot of us have busy lives and lots of things going on whether it’s looking after the family or our work responsibilities. But where can you carve time out in your day to do the things you want to do?
  • Intentional: Delete an app on your phone that is taking up a lot of your time. And instead, spend that 10 minutes listening to something that you find inspirational, educational, or motivational. Or spend half an hour with a friend or your partner.
  • Awareness: Have an awareness of what you are choosing, which you are prioritizing, and knowing that you can always sprinkle in little bits of fun and joy along the way.
  • Auto-pilot: Take time to slow down and become aware of some patterns you’re repeating and get in touch a bit more with what you want. Do anything that allows you to come back to the present moment.
  • Inner voice: Follow that curiosity and listen to that inner voice. Then you start to have new experiences and open up your world a little bit more. 
  • Experiment: Expand your vision and take the steps towards that. Then expand move towards it again and again.
  • Failure: Reframe what is failure. Failure is just feedback. You go and try and experience, either it works out or you “fail” and you either learn some lessons or it moves you forward.
  • Action: Many people get stuck because they wait for everything to be perfectly laid out in front of them and to know all of the answers before they even take that first step. But clarity comes from taking action. 

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