Change Your Career Outlook by Q1 2014

Change Your Career Outlook by Q1 2014You are back on the job market.


Perhaps, it’s been a few years since the last time you hunted for an opportunity or the last time you found yourself facing the job hunt was during an upswing in the economy.


Either way, there is something different about this job hunt.


You no longer have the luxury of time. Maybe you just hate working on someone else’s schedule and rather work at 1 am during any given day on finding, preparing for, and pushing progress towards that next opportunity.




You know what you have to do (and always have), however, given the higher stakes this time around you prefer cutting to the chase by having clear start and end points with some laser-focused guidance along the way.




You want to do something you’ve never done before such as attempting a new career, skipping levels (ex. from Senior Manager to VP), or making a significant leap in salary.


If any of these scenarios (or all of them) sound like you, then I am excited to announce that I have created a self-directed end-to-end modular “get a job” kit that I have vetted through top career services professionals who have successfully placed candidates in jobs through every single economic cycle.


The goal behind this kit is to help you develop the targeted marketing package that you’ll need for any successful job search in a way that takes you from just thinking about how to start finding a job — to — job hunting with a great deal of clarity and focus building the marketing strategy, materials, and confidence necessary to land interviews and impress the decision-makers who influence whether or not you get an offer.


PS: my definition of success is a short-term job hunt that results in you being hired with your desired salary for the position you want the most.


Now, what does this kit entail and how will you benefit from my method?


What it entails:

  • A roadmap to guide your job hunt process for the most competitive jobs
  • A tool that focuses your search on the companies that you should target
  • A new way to think about your resume and tactical guidance on how to build each bullet point
  • A step-by-step guide on how to beef up your LinkedIn profile to draw the attention that you seek while filtering the attention you do not desire* fyi, you got a taste of this experience during the Ultimate LinkedIn Challenge
  • Access to the winning benchmarking matrix which will give you insight as to precisely what employers are seeking and what they may think is missing from your candidacy (while you can STILL do something to fill these gaps or address them)
  • An end-to-end cover letter template that will cut hours out of that arduous writing process and elicit interest
  • A proven framework that will help you write an elevator pitch to ensure you stand out
  • 15 scripts that you can use to draft emails or launch conversations with influencers or decision-makers
  • Templates for thank you letters to both HR as well as business unit leaders
  • A simple cheat sheet to help you prioritize how to prepare for any interview


Here is a glimpse of the modules that you will receive via this kit:















How you’ll benefit:

  • You will be prepared for any behavioral interview question.
  • You will know what to say so that you can sell your own experience and skills for the highest possible value.
  • You will shift from being a casual LinkedIn user to a more strategic power user of the networking tool.
  • You will know how to benchmark and differentiate yourself vs. other candidates
  • You will go from being just one of the job candidates to the most memorable job candidate.
  • You will see samples of anything you need to write during a successful job hunt so that you can focus on content rather than structure.
  • You will be guided via email during the next five weeks upon completion of each module.
  • The job hunt will turn from overwhelming to completely manageable even while holding a full-time job.
  • You will stop wasting your time on high effort activities with little rewards.


This is about honing in on what you have to do to get the job you desire this time around and in the salary-range that you deserve.


It’s about learning how to prepare for the job hunt once and then never having to rethink this process again.


Wait, but there’s a catch.


Although this is a self-directed program with a roadmap and tools you will need to auto-pilot your own job search,  I will also support you virtually throughout the ENTIRE process until December 1.  I will personally review all of your existing marketing materials and customize each and every module within my kit based on your sector, experiences, and salary expectations so that you can confidently launch your job hunt.


This is an exclusive offer. I am only selling this product to TWO members of this community.




  • The program is in beta testing during the month of November 2013.
  • I have taken on my maximum # of VIP clients as of 9:03 am this morning, so this product will be the only way to work with me during the month of November and now’s the only time to work with me to get the most personal attention possible.

What does this mean?

You will not only be getting a kit with frameworks, scripts, exercises, and best-in-class samples suitable for any job hunt but ALSO you will get personalized guidance as the ultimate starting point for only you. This is like taking on a personal trainer.  Instead of being trained on how to increase muscle mass, you will be trained on how to accelerate your job seeking efforts.


And the other catch?

I will send you a module upon the completion of each prior module thus making sure you complete each step so that you are fired up and moving quickly throughout the process.


Okay, so all this sounds amazing Melissa but how much will this cost?

The beta price for this self-directed kit is $695 – a $1295 value. I was in competitive intelligence in the finance industry in a prior life so I did my homework and that’s the sticker price for less tangible and non-customized job hunting solutions.   Don’t forget: this is a customized job hunt program that was created with all the insights I’ve garnered from working with career coaching clients since 1997 across various industries and markets with one goal — to minimize the time it takes to look for a career-building opportunity to the shortest time period possible.

Sometimes, we just can’t do it ourselves and we need to know when it is time to ask for help.

Just as you would go to a personal trainer, you would call on a career coach – to get you the results you want quickly!

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY — If you are interested in learning more about getting your hands on this product then simply reply to this note or email me [] today to make the shortlist of folks who will go through my entire process for a fraction of its cost. If you have specific questions then I don’t mind jumping on the phone with you once you’ve made the commitment and done the math to see if you can invest time and money in your job hunt.  If you want to have a new job by Q1 2014, contact me today.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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