A Playbook Walkthrough on How to Boost Your Courage in 7 Days, Episode 96

What if taking meaningful action steps towards the achievement of your life purpose was a need rather than merely a want? What if working towards your life mission right now today could change the way you feel about your overall life for the better? Well, today is your special day. In this week’s episode, you will have the opportunity to take specific steps towards fulfilling your life’s purpose and boost your courage during the next 7 days. Together, let’s kickstart your journey, even if you still quite haven’t figured out your purpose yet. 

First, let’s go back to kindergarten and reconsider what we’ve been taught pertaining to our wants and needs. After much reflection, I have come to realize that what other people were trying to teach me was a want, actually turned out to be my personal need. Now, what if executing on your life purpose was a NEED and not just a frivolous WANT?

Then I’ll ask you a few questions (read: my three rules below) to help you pick one purpose. You’ll need to work through those because it is during this episode that I’m going to walk you through My Courage Makerspace Playbook to help you take action towards the achievement of that purpose. Be sure to grab your copy for FREE right here: www.melissallarena.com/courage You’ll want to have the playbook in-hand to complete some of the exercises I will speak to during this podcast episode.

And so, today is a special day because I’m not a believer of waiting until January 1st to begin anything or even waiting for September either. I have begun major adventures on ordinary Wednesdays or made big decisions in Chipotles. Part of my rationale for treating a day special irrespective of where it lands on a calendar is that I want to do things a little differently. The other reason is that when I have decided on something I must do, then I take action immediately. I don’t let a calendar or the world decide on my start dates. 

If you can’t get yourself to prioritize starting this dream on a random Tuesday in October then chances are, it’s not yet a need. Instead, it continues to stay in the land of wants. As I am writing my own book about having the courage to imagine more for yourself, I have uncovered a few insights that will help you reconsider what you believe to be a need vs. a want. 

Taking action now in the pursuit of your life’s purpose could heal you and breathe a new imaginative perspective in you that’s filled with wonder and smiles.

I want you to play with me during this episode. Here are the rules of our game so that you can overcome those challenges…this is the part where I help you pick one purpose…listen closely….because here we go….for the purposes of using the Courage Makerspace Playbook today on this special day….be open to pursue and achieve a personally meaningful goal to you (it should not be something that only others wish for you)….then just think about these 3 rules… 

Rule #1: The only way to pick the wrong purpose is to not pick a purpose (you can’t go wrong)

Rule #2: You’ll have different purposes at different life stages so no need to think there is only one for you (soulmates)

Rule #3: Follow a hunch. Lower your bar. Just go with a hunch. If you feel called to share a particular message with the world then great. Otherwise, just pick one thing you’ve always been curious about doing and start there.

Share this episode with aspiring creators, new entrepreneurs, and big thinkers who want to bring an important message to the world and who need all the courage they can muster to fulfill their ultimate purpose because right now is the only time that matters.


  • Motivation: The key is that you’re open to pursuing something that is personally meaningful to you. Let this episode with me be only about what you want (no one else).
  • Courage: The playbook is about making space for courage in your daily life. A lot of times you might be battling against conventional thinking and you’re really having some inner resistance. 
  • Purpose: While you are focused on something for yourself, such as pursuing your life purpose, those are the moments that you are going to feel more healed, more hopeful, and happier. 
  • Baby steps: You do not have to complete your life purpose by the end of this episode, but have a sense of some of the things that you might be able to prioritize over the next seven days, one baby step a day.
  • Values: This playbook is our opportunity to talk about what deeply matters to you. It’s your opportunity to play with all the beauty that can exist in your life.
  • Fear: Many fears pop up even for the most successful human beings on this planet. Learn how to keep going despite them.
  • Trust: Lasting change is going to require you to trust yourself, have a sense of curiosity and lasting change is going to really require you to be vulnerable. Famous big thinkers and creators have learned to trust themselves and so can you!
  • Curiosity: When you feel butterflies in your stomach, rest assured that your curiosity is going to help you explore unchartered territory.
  • Timeline: Deadlines get us all moving. The idea I present here is that you can use the next seven days to build some momentum. Tune in to this episode, be sure to download the Courage Makerspace Playbook, and do the work. Progress is the goal. Progress then momentum.  
  • Inspiration: Once you’ve picked a purpose or the goal that you want to execute on, think about someone you admire who’s very courageous.


Want to grab your free copy of the Courage Makerspace (™) Playbook?

Download the Courage Makerspace(™) here www.melissallarena.com/courage  

Boost your courage in 7-days using the exact courage design tools that have worked for both me and my clients. Grab your free playbook instantly so that you can discover how to:  

  • Figure out what makes you tick
  • Be more accountable and not procrastinate
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Stop caring about what others think
  • Progress despite self-doubt
  • Manage anxiety
  • Ask for help

You will have a step-by-step playbook to help you finally fulfill your life purpose! Do not miss out on this free opportunity as it will not be available for long.


About Melissa Llarena

Melissa brings a makerspace mindset that is laser-focused on creatively making space for courage for those with a big message to share with the world. A makerspace is a collaborative workspace with very different tools meant for making things fueled by active imaginations. In a makerspace, the goal is to inspire new creations. In Melissa’s program called Courage Makerspace ™ we are making space for courage in your daily life so that you can become an incredible thought leader who has the courage to connect, communicate, and create something incredible that will have an impact on the world. 

What makes Courage Makerspace™ different is that it uniquely brings an interdisciplinary and creative approach to high-performance coaching. This online program is based on psychological principles, the art of storytelling, and incorporates proprietary experiential tools that harness the power of our imagination. Melissa has infused proven strategies and insights that have empowered clients around the world.  Her background includes a psychology degree from NYU, an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and she holds a Transformational Coaching Academy certificate based on Tony Robbins principles and Landmark Education insights. She is a native New Yorker who has lived/worked in Paris as well as London, and courageously relocated to Sydney, Australia with her family.

Want to be a COURAGEOUS thought leader who is fulfilling their life purpose?

If you intend to become a thought leader and have the courage to accomplish your life purpose faster than you’ve imagined possible, book an appointment with me in the next 24 hours. We’re going to assess where you are on this confidence journey, then we’re going to put our heads together and come up with a step-by-step game plan to define how you can rebuild your courage when you need it. Book this free session by going to http://www.melissallarena.com/sessions.

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Melissa Llarena

Melissa Llarena is an author, imagination coach, consultant, speaker, and contributor to ForbesWomen articles that have garnered 4 million + views. She is also the host of Unimaginable Wellness, the podcast for entrepreneurs, founders, and creators who are also moms. Featured guests include GaryVee and Beth Comstock. Melissa holds a psychology degree from New York University, an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and a Transformational Coaching Academy certificate. She is training to become a meditation practitioner. Melissa lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and three sons. Visit www.fertileideas.com.

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