Supply Chain Leader

Supply Chain Leader for John Deere

I had not worked on a resume or thought about job searching in over 15 years so it was a pretty daunting experience to begin.  The only hesitation I had was if I was ready to receive the services or if I should have done more work up front.  I’m happy that I started when I did because otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten this far on my own!

My resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile are all updated and of much better quality than when I started!  Through the process I also learned a lot of valuable information on how to find target companies, how to search for contacts, etc.  All of these activities have given me much more confidence than when we began!

What I liked most about working with Melissa was the accountability that came with the process.  In a busy day and life, these things are easily put on the back burner and our weekly meetings held me accountable for getting my ‘homework’ done and being ready for the session. I wouldn’t have maintained the progress without these regular reviews. Since I have been out of the job search field for so many years, I have absolutely found all of the resources to be very helpful including her brand exercise which was also very good along with all her help with resources that are available online, particularly LinkedIn!

Something that I think is important to know about working with Melissa is that you need to set enough time aside during these five weeks to do it justice otherwise you won’t receive the maximum benefits if you aren’t committed to putting in the necessary time.