Managing Director

HR Technology for MUFG

What I liked best about working with Melissa was her candid feedback and myriad of tools. All of her tools were helpful (90-day plan, top companies list and related information stored there, keywords list and exercise that resulted in her being able to identify my ideal keywords, her use of Skype to consult with me, etc.)

I have been able to go back to almost all of her resources to review information we discussed and/or to refresh my memory about the feedback Melissa provided in writing. In addition, I appreciate getting copies of the recorded sessions we had. It’s a never-ending source of information as I continue down this journey. After partnering with Melissa, I have a much clearer understanding of what my focus needs to be around while I am on my job search. Also, I believe that my applications, cover letters, Twitter and LinkedIn collateral are much better structured to put my best foot forward.

I understand the level of detail that I need to focus on to ensure that I present myself in the best light possible. The most important thing people should know about working with Melissa is that she makes it easy for her clients to be themselves, she leverages technology to support your clients, and she provides honest/direct feedback which helps her clients prepare for the “real world” of career management.