Jimmy Figueroa

Sourcing Manager at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

I’m excited to say that I am now part of Melissa’s success stories. We worked together for only about two weeks and in that time she transformed my whole approach towards navigating the job market. The most impressive aspect of her work was how thorough she was when evaluating each and every one of my past experiences. Afterward, she re-drafted my resume and found ways to highlight all of my achievements in a truly inspiring manner. She provided me with a strategy on how to work my Linkedin network and then she gave me thorough interview prep, specific to the job that I was interviewing for. Since graduating two years ago, I continually sought to become a part of the JP Morgan Chase team and thanks to Melissa’s guidance, I finally had the right approach and was more prepared than ever. I was ultimately extended an attractive offer and so it is with great pleasure that I say that my investment in her career coaching paid 10X. Actually, I feel like she set me up to help me meet my future goal of getting into a top business school. Melissa’s career coaching and guidance is invaluable.