Jennifer Rodriguez

Student at Harvard University and Treasurer of Latinas Unidas de Harvard College

Melissa was incredibly accommodating and easy to work with while producing excellent results. Melissa came to lead a behavioral case interview workshop at the Latina Empowerment and Development Conference held by Latinas Unidas de Harvard College and worked with the organizers to create a program that would interest those attending the workshop. Because it was a smaller workshop she was able to specialize her presentation so that it was especially relevant to those in the room. The attendees were captivated by her presentation and every attendee mentioned in the recommendation form how much they enjoyed and learned from her workshop. The workshop that she held was right before lunch and even though lunch was being served, the attendees pleaded that she should continue. They kept asking questions way past the workshop ended because of the interest they had and how much value they found the workshop. Many of the attendees listed her workshop as their favorite part of the conference and one even commented that we absolutely need to bring her back next year because her advice and insight for interviews is crucial for the job market. Not only did her presentation energize the attendees, her broad range of expertise was helpful and she specialized the content of the workshop to what the attendees wanted. I would definitely recommend Melissa and look forward to working with her in future conferences.