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[New Service!!!] The Easy Way to Amp Up Your Job Search

Have you hit a wall in your job search? Have you already exhausted your network? Are you spending more time than you’d like researching recruiters/hiring managers/contacts with whom to network rather than actually going on those informational interviews? Sure, you can spend your time finding the right recruiters, hiring managers, influencers, champions, or strategic partners on…

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Career Assessment Program

Do any of these sound like you? Are you at a crossroads—you have a myriad of options in front of you, yet are unsure how to evaluate each one? Have you reached your breaking point? Has your role shifted? Has your employer changed priorities or leaders? Are you not certain of your next step? Are…

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Have an interview coming up? Start here

I wrote an interview preparation guide for you, the executive who rarely has had to go through a formal interview process because in the past, the next steps of your career have usually shown up at your doorstep – of course not by chance. Your career to date has been shaped by forces that were…

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