Paul Musho, Former GE Executive Turned Franchisee Talks About His Career Pivot, the Benefits of Cryotherapy, and Running a Small Business During a Global Pandemic, Episode 20

Meet Paul Musho. Paul was my client, a former GE executive who took a leap to become a franchisee, use his transferable skills, and grow his cryotherapy business. He had previously worked for thirty years in big corporate conglomerates, including Union Carbide, Krupp, Emerson, and GE. During this time, he did everything from engineering, sales, development, operations, and general management, and also during his tenure, I had the opportunity to coach Paul. When GE left New Jersey (NJ), USA in 2017, he decided to pivot and start his own business and use literally everything he had learned in his 30 years of work experience including its best-in-class practices and leadership methods!

Paul started out as a client going to cryotherapy in 2015 to help with pain from working out and wanting to play as much golf as he could. Cryotherapy allowed him to do this as the pain was reduced after each workout and allowed him to play quicker after a workout. As a happy cryotherapy customer, he decided to make cryotherapy his first venture. 

His ChillRx Cryotherapy Red Bank, NJ store is a self-funded franchise of the original Westfield, NJ, USA location. Since incorporating in 2017, Paul has used his entire background to open ChillRx Cryotherapy in November 2018.

ChillRx Cryotherapy in Red Bank, NJ offers trusted noninvasive therapies to reduce pain, inflammation, and weight. Paul enjoys working with his clients and seeing how cryotherapy can help them do more each day. Paul has also hired an outstanding team in Red Bank to run the day to day operations: Maura, Nicolle, Jackie M, Bill, Kaitlyn, Isabelle, Alessia, and Jackie T are the best team in the Cryotherapy Business! 

Paul has had many influencers in his life. His parents, Ted and Sally are the number one along with this wife Dorothy and son Jack. In his professional life, he credits several people including Jeffery Gitomer, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gisela Bellinello, Tom Giordano, Helen Evans, and Rick Dool who helped influence who he is today.

Today Paul will talk about his love to build, operate, and grow businesses!

Tune in to hear Paul’s thoughts pertaining to:

  • How his personal services, small business reacted to government-required closures. (3:30)
  • Paul’s thoughts on using a podcast as a small business owner. (6:27)
  • Have you considered how to digitize your solutions? (8:34)
  • What Paul’s small business is doing to stay afloat during this moment of hibernation? (8:34)
  • The benefits of cryotherapy and its impact on your immune system. (11:24)
  • How the novel coronavirus has affected people’s behavior when it comes to personal health. (13:21)
  • Paul’s career journey from working in corporate to purchasing a franchise. (14:52)
  • Some of the nuances between employee vs. entrepreneurial mindsets. (16:09)
  • Paul explains how running a team for GE and for now himself differs (and is the same), plus how Paul used his joint ventures training at GE as a small business owner. (16:28)
  • There were some skills Paul did not obtain during his corporate career, he explains what those skills were and how he got up to speed when he started his own service-based business. (22:45)
  • How Paul used GE’s best practices in small business and applying, “The Net Promoter Score.” (28:32)
  • How to consistently exceed client expectations, yet let your team uniquely express themselves to build relationships. (32:14)
  • Exiting a company when your identity is tied up in your title, how to think about this when you leave? (33:22)
  • Paul explores how and why he chose to start a small business franchise, discusses the certainty of working for a huge company vs. venturing on his own path. (36:54)
  • We talk about inertia for successful executives. (41:54)
  • The idea that we can use this pandemic to pivot an existing business or even using this time to begin your side hustle. (47:05)
  • Paul shares openly his thoughts on his son who won’t have a high school graduation ceremony and the resilience of today’s youth. (49:50)
  • How to get customers to return to your brick and mortar location, following the pandemic, whether in health and wellness or as a restaurateur. (54:12)

I asked Paul: Your Google reviews are enviable for ChillRx Cryotherapy. How do you plan to encourage your clients to return to your store following this pandemic?  I imagine some folks right now are frozen in fear of being around people for a while. How will you help them “thaw” out and venture back into social settings starting with your Red Bank location in NJ, USA?

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or leading a team, give this question some thought. In what ways can you encourage customers to return to your establishment?  

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