Natasha Sutton, Founder of Bundles of Luxe and Breast Cancer Survivor Talks About Her Cancer Journey, Shifting Perspective, and Living with Gratitude, Episode 40

Natasha Sutton is a mum, the founder of Bundles of Luxe, and a breast cancer survivor. She grew up in a loving family and has spent most of her life on the Gold Coast of Australia. In her early years, she would sing and served as the designated driver or “roadie” for her dad’s band.  

As my guest this week on the podcast, Natasha opens up about her 5-year cancer journey, her new perspective, gratitude, and her desire to write a new, cancer-free life chapter. We also discuss how her business, Bundles of Luxe, was born out of the need for joy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We end our conversation with specific ways to work through a similar diagnosis or how to be a better caretaker to someone who has cancer.  

Prior to embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Natasha worked for Apple Retail for eight years in visual merchandising and information technology, and before that she worked for a university. Natasha is married to an American named Scott and has two daughters Elizabeth and Caitlin. Natasha’s ambition is to be as cool a parent as her dad as you’ll learn more about during our conversation. All these things were in full swing before she turned 40. 

When she turned 40, Natasha went for a regular doctor checkup and asked for a mammogram because she had heard on the radio that the government said they were paying for them at 40 despite her own doctor’s suggestion to wait until she was 50. At 40, her mammogram came back fine. Picture of health. Then came her two-year follow-up mammogram and it came up with a lump. Long story short. It was cancer and it had spread.  Natasha needed chemo, a double mastectomy, hysterectomy, and hormone treatment.  There was a time when she was in remission yet today she is back working to get her remission status once again. Natasha’s family remains positive for a good outcome.  

Despite her health, Natasha decided to start her business during COVID. She couldn’t go anywhere, she couldn’t work, and she wanted to do something fun that would bring joy to people. She knew that she got excited when she got packages at home because she couldn’t go out to the shops.  That’s how Bundles of Luxe began.  

Bundles of Luxe is an e-commerce company that puts together one-of-a-kind gift baskets (i.e. gift “hampers” as they are called in Australia) that are curated with true love and high-quality care. Natasha only chooses products she absolutely loves – things that taste, feel, smell, and look wonderful. She prides herself on sourcing products from small Australian businesses wherever possible and does do international shipping!  


  • Early on Natasha was a roadie and designated driver for her dad’s band who is still booked out now in his 70s. (4:12) 
  • How Natasha interprets motherhood – how she is a hands-on and present mum and how that may have evolved and changed following her breast cancer diagnosis. (6:23) 
  • She opens up about her diagnosis with breast cancer when her youngest was 6 and oldest was 12, how she changed physically and stopped being a hands-on mum at school. (7:49) 
  • Her feeling of being embarrassed about “being the mum with cancer.” (9:20) 
  • We discuss the idea of a stigma around “cancer;” also, whether or not it is a taboo topic, as well as, how cancer is viewed in the U.S. vs Australia. (10:32) 
  • Being lonely when what you have is not easy to talk about. (13:20) 
  • A day in the life for someone who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment and how Natasha’s priorities shifted. (13:43) 
  • Her experience using work as a distraction and putting on a happy face. (15:29) 
  • An update on her 5-year cancer journey which is still in progress, she is not in remission yet. (21:27) 
  • What has been helpful to Natasha during her health journey, including books like Lisa Messenger’s Mantra book, and the book Limitless by Jim Kwik. (21:59) 
  • Having the capacity in life, even when we don’t realize it (or use it). (25:00) 
  • How Natasha gives back, the questions she gets asked by breast cancer patients, and how the breast cancer community includes both men and women. (27:13) 
  • Natasha answers the question, “Is cancer part of your identity?” and how she would like to stop thinking about cancer every single day. (30:24) 
  • Turning around your identity from cancer on your mind all day to that of a successful businesswoman. Plus, what she would like her next chapter to look like. (33:07) 
  • Her business, Bundles of Luxe: what inspired her to create it, the products she offers (gift baskets with essential oils, products, and more), and how Natasha feels when she puts together a gift basket for someone. (40:34) 
  • Natasha’s 5-yearvision for her, plus a vivid description of her dream shop. (47:27) 
  • On taking a job that is not authentic, given her perspective and health journey, and the importance of expressing authenticity in your career. (50:53) 
  • Natasha’s thoughts on corporate stress these days, don’t sweat the small stuff, and what we can learn from essential healthcare professionals. (53:55) 
  • Your self-worth and identity are the heart and soul of your life. (55:13) 
  • Why she believes her daughters will be more empathetic because of her health journey. (01:03:27) 
  • Some advice for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and advice for family members supporting those with a cancer diagnosis. (01:04:13)

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